The Gamecube Still Holds Up 2 Decades Later

The Gamecube Still Holds Up 2 Decades Later

Animal Crossing isn’t out yet, so the most reasonable thing to do is replay every Animal Crossing beforehand, including the original Gamecube release. But that means firing up the old Gamecube and … well, that’s a bit of a rabbit hole to go down.

One of the better gaming YouTube channels around right now, Girlfriend Reviews, tried going down this path. The Gamecube Animal Crossing title was the only one she hadn’t played, so her partner fired up a Gamecube so she could play it…

… only he ended up spending weeks going on a massive nostalgia bent with all the classics on the Gamecube. And there are a ton of them. The Gamecube still has the best couch co-op and local multiplayer games, like Mario Kart: Double Dash, bangers like F-Zero GX, Gauntlet, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and tons of great sports games that seriously need to get a Switch port – Mario Superstar Baseball or Mario Sports Superstars would be so good today.

Come to think of that, why hasn’t there been another Paper Mario already? If Yoshi’s Crafted World made sense, surely Paper Mario deserves a fresh coat of paint.

On the flip side, I don’t miss getting bodied by my brother in Soul Calibur. Fuck that noise.


  • Still mad at myself for losing my GameCube in the process of moving houses back in the day (still have the controllers & memory cards thankfully). It’s the only reason why I still have my original Wii still linked up in my gaming room to this day. Last week my brother came over to visit and we spent hours playing Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance co-op.

  • I miss mine so much but the controller joysticks ended up melting in Qld heat. I spent so many hours in Turok: Evolution, THPS, Metroid Prime, Spiderman 2 and Twilight Princess.

  • Out of all the consoles I’ve owned, the PS4 is by far my favourite. Even so, it’ll never hold the memories that the GameCube does. I still remember picking it up at the midnight launch and getting very little sleep that night as I tried all the games.

  • I still have my Gamecube, with Game Boy Player attached to make it a proper cube shape.

    I reckon it’s Nintendo’s most underappreciated console, and there’s a bunch of great games on it that have never been playable elsewhere (Lost Kingdoms, for example).

    Also the Wavebird was the future of controllers, even if nobody knew it at the time.

  • Amazing console. The wave bird controller the first true console wireless controller I believe. Luigis mansion rough squadron Mario sunshine. The GameCube and the Xbox 360 were my favourite consoles of all time

  • I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo ticked off that I got rid of a black GameCube about 2 years ago along with the Wavebird controller. Eternal Darkness…….that was an AWESOME game.

  • The gamecube controller, for my hands at least, is the most comfortable thing to hold for long hours of gameplay

    • You’re probably not the only one. They’ve re-released different iterations of it for every console that’s come out since

  • Just grab a Wii or a Wii-U and softmod it – instant HD gamecube.
    Can do alot more with that and still retains all the gamecube support.

    • Exactly. Wiis are about $20 and natively support GC games, and a Wii component cable costs about $5 whereas a GC one is close to $100 (because anyone who uses the standard composite cables on an LCD TV should think about their life choices)

  • Unfortunately, my Gamecube didn’t hold up. The optical drive stopped reading discs. Bought a replacement drive, and put it in, but still the same problem. Thankfully, I still have my Wii, which can play Gamecube discs.

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