The Most Expensive New iPad Pro Costs Over $3,700 In Australia

The Most Expensive New iPad Pro Costs Over $3,700 In Australia
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This week Apple announced a new line of iPad Pros that the company is trying to position as desktop replacements. Apple being Apple, they’re not cheap – even the optional extra keyboard will cost at least $500.

But if you’re someone who has money to burn, we specced out the new iPad Pro just to see how much it would actually cost.

While a top-of-the-range iPad isn’t going to have the same eye-watering price tag as an $85,000 Mac Pro, we can still pump up the spend if that’s your jam.

Firstly, we’re going to ignore the 11-inch version, because that isn’t going to get us to expensive tech Nirvana. What we need is the 12.9-inch. This lad starts at $1,649 for the 128GB Wi-Fi model, but we can do better than that.

If you want to exude some real chaotic energy when it comes to your purchasing choices, you’re going to want to select the LTE version of the iPad Pro and grab 1TB of storage. That brings the total up to $2,749.

A passable effort, but we’re not done.

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One of the biggest announcements Apple dropped this week was the new iPad Pro keyboard, also known as the Magic Keyboard. Not only does it have backlighting and can double as a stand, it actually has a trackpad. Time will tell how well it actually works, but it seems pretty cool.

It also costs $589 for the 12.9-inch version because Apple. And since we’re popping in some extras, we should probably add the $219 second gen-Apple Pencil and $199 for Apple Care.

So let’s review:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch: $1,649
  • 1TB Storage: $850
  • LTE: $250
  • AppleCare: $199
  • Magic Keyboard: $589
  • Apple Pen: $219

That brings us to a grand total of $3,756 for a completely specced out 2020 iPad Pro. While we could go further on the accessories front, many of them are adaptors and those really come down to personal need and preference.

But if your heart desires a $99 USB-C AV Multiport adaptor in your life, you can go on that journey.

While I obviously can’t wait to get my filthy mitts on this beast, I still have to say – yowza. At that price, that’s more than a desktop replacement.

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