The New TV Spot For Disney’s Mulan Is Mostly Her And Donnie Yen Kicking Arse

The New TV Spot For Disney’s Mulan Is Mostly Her And Donnie Yen Kicking Arse
Mulan, doing her thing. (Image: Disney)

Not that anyone’s complaining.

Disney’s Mulan remake is finally upon us, and we’re currently enjoying the chance to get a fair amount of new footage of the film to tide us over as we wait. This weekend, Disney released the “Commander” TV spot, which features Liu Yifei’s Mulan and Donnie Yen’s Shang strutting their stuff. Beneath tense voiceover and stark foreshadowing, this short spot regularly and repeatedly cuts to the two of them going through elaborate sword drills, posing like action heroes, and wrecking shop against the Hun armies.

The war sequences in this film look absolutely epic in scope, and the choreography is gorgeous. Compared to the original, this looks bound to be a darker, more action-packed take. And, honestly, I’m entirely here for that. Let Mulan break everything.

Mulan hits theatres March 26.


      • Liu Yifei (Mulan actress) made a social media post supporting the Hong Kong police during the protests.
        To a lesser extent many other cast members have expressed pro-China sentiments in the past also.

        • Anything else and they would be ensuring that the Chinese market would turn against them. I, for one, welcome our Chinese overlords!

          • Sorry, was at work. As above she expressed support for the Police. Some theories suggest she was coerced into being vocal but the dwindling Reddit support were posting photoshopped images of the production posters and chanting to boycott the film.

            I have no horse in the race so I haven’t really formed an opinion either way.

      • They also changed the relationship that was with army commander because of #metoo and the perceived power imbalance.

        There is no mushu, because something about China considering that disrespectful to their culture or something and the community is annoyed because it’s another example of Disney bowing down to China censorship.

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