The Story Behind This Is Vegas, The Failed $100 Million GTA Rival

The Story Behind This Is Vegas, The Failed $100 Million GTA Rival
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This Is Vegas isn’t really a game that I can imagine any studio would want to revisit today. The Saints Row and Yakuza series both fulfil the kind of tone and activities that you could do, and the idea of helping out a struggling casino and a mobster politician probably wouldn’t be enough to get greenlit by a major publisher today.

Warner Bros currently own the IP, having picked it up when Midway folded over a decade ago. Development was a fair way down the road, with Warner Bros spending around $US10 million on development after the $US50 million that Midway sunk into the project. Cinematics were mapped out, and a lot of the cutscenes and gameplay can be seen in Robertson’s video above.

What happened to Surreal Software? Well, as it turns out, things worked out OK. Surreal was based in Washington, and when development was shut down on This Is Vegas, the developers were folded into another Washington-based studio owned by Warner Bros: Monolith Productions, the makers of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, Blood, No One Lives Forever, and the studio that would go on to make Guardians of Middle-earth, Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War.

Remembering Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

These days Monolith are better known for their work on the Nemesis system and Shadow of Mordor. But back in the day they also produced one of the most intriguing and unusual shooters of its time - the flawed, but unabashedly fun Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

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