There’s A New Missile Command Game Out Today

There’s A New Missile Command Game Out Today
Image: Atari

Remember Missile Command, Atari’s 1980 missile-versus-missile game? There’s a new one out today for iOS and Android. Missile Command: Recharged gives the arcade classic a stylish neon makeover.

What makes the original Missile Command so compelling is simple, immediately satisfying gameplay. Aim, fire, boom. There’s not much to it, but it’s powerful. Missile Command: Recharged from Atari and Nickervision Studios has that same gratifying loop. It also has power-ups, upgrades, and a gimmicky augmented reality feature, plus gorgeous neon visuals and some nice electronic music.

Gif: Atari

It’s the spirit of Missile Command with modern trappings. I was sceptical about Atari dragging out the iconic original for another go, but it’s turned out really nice. Missile Command: Recharged is free-to-play with a one-time purchase to remove ads, so give it a go, see what you think.


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