This Is An Excellent Gaming... Bed

Photo: Bauhutte

Gaming chairs? Been there, done that. I’ve seen the future, and it’s gaming beds.

Japan’s Bauhutte specialises in gaming-centric furniture. If you coordinate correctly, I guess you too can have a bedroom set-up like this.

Photo: Bauhutte

This is a combination of several Bauhutte products, like its bed desk, its bed side-board, side table and more. The whole thing looks rather comfy, no?

Photo: Bauhutte
Photo: Bauhutte

With a set-up like this, you might find it hard to go back to gaming chairs, let alone go outside. These days, though, staying inside might be a very good idea.


    But there's no room for his girlfriend/wife. Oh, wait, nevermind.

      And eating food, especially messy snack food, in bed? yeah no thanks.

    This seems like a bad idea for getting good-quality sleep

    It would be pretty decent for someone who was suffering an illness or something but for general use? um no

      Mental illness like depression maybe, games and snacks and sleep

      Also why the mouth cover? Is this just a setup for when the world is overrun with COVID-19 and I need a place to lay low

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