Tiny Ergonomic Keyboard Gets It Done With Only 44 Keys

Tiny Ergonomic Keyboard Gets It Done With Only 44 Keys
Photo: <a href="https://twitter.com/keyboardio">Keyboardio</a>

This is the Keyboardio Atreus. It’s an ergonomic mechanical keyboard that’s less than 10-inches wide. It only has 44 keys, but that’s all the keys it needs. It’s a beautiful piece of typing hardware.

It might not look like it has enough keys, but the Atreus has all the functionality of a full-size keyboard, just on different layers. Like many smaller-than-normal keyboards, it uses layers. Pressing a modifier key makes the letter keys function as number keys or function keys. It’s programmable, so they can function as anything, really.

ImageIllustration: Keyboardio

The Atreus was designed in 2014 by Phil Hagelberg, who needed an ergonomic keyboard that could travel easily. He teamed up with Keyboardio, makers of the gorgeous Model 01 wooden heirloom keyboard, to create this wonderful tiny typing thing. Watch attractive people type on it in the video below.

I am amazed at the Atreus’ small size. I am enamoured of its layout. See the way the keys line up with the position of both hands? That’s ergonomic art right there. I love the way the space button is positioned exactly where my right thumb always taps the space bar. All of this tiny convenience, plus it has hot-swappable switches so I can customise the feel of every key.

The Keyboardio Atreus went live on Kickstarter a couple of days ago. It was funded in minutes. Those interested in getting one delivered around August can do so by pledging $US100 ($173) to the campaign, with tiers beyond offering a variety of cases and a gorgeous wooden base/wrist rest.

ImagePhoto: Keyboardio

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