Two Of The Most Beautiful Mobile Games Are Free To Help Your Self-Isolation

Two Of The Most Beautiful Mobile Games Are Free To Help Your Self-Isolation

Developers and companies are reaching out in all sorts of ways to help people in self-isolation and quarantine, but the makers of Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure have done everyone a solid.

The developers of the vivid snowboarding adventures Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey have announced both games will be free “for the next week” for anyone isolated or forcing themselves into isolation.

“We hope Alto and the gang can bring a little calm into your homes during these difficult times,” the developers wrote.

It’s worth noting because the Alto games are titles people should have played anyway. Alto’s Adventure took a spin on the endless runner format and freed it from a lot of the monotony and dross that plagued those games: microtransactions, uninspired vistas, pop-ups for cosmetic garbage and unnecessary complexity.

One finger tap handled all your jumping, while holding the button down took care of flips. It was beautiful, with a relaxing soundtrack, and elegant from the first jump to the last.

Odyssey added more obstacles and hazards, like vines that snapped if you rode them for too long, hot air balloons for extra verticality, more chill soundtracks and beautiful transitions.

The Alto games were excellent and generally always on sale. Now, they’re free for a week. You should absolutely play them when you get the chance, especially if you’re in need of some light escapism.

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  • Odyssey is great. Went back and tried Adventure and it felt very unpolished in comparison. Definitely give Odyssey a go though

  • FYI Ironhide are doing similar with Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Origins if anyone wants some solid TD games – I find it’s sometimes another good genre to sort of zone out and relax (at least at lower difficulty levels)

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