More Screenshots From Riot’s Valorant Appears

More Screenshots From Riot’s Valorant Appears

It’s leaking season. Despite a supposed embargo lifting later tonight for Riot’s CS:GO competitor, Project A, a ton of screenshots have found their way around the internet, along with a trademark listing revealing the potential name: Valorant.

Let’s start with the name, first. FPS fans have been keeping tabs on everything Riot has been doing and, over the weekend, a string of clues all dropped at once. The first key was the activation of Twitch and Twitter channels. That was paired with a trade mark filed by Riot Games on February 28 for Valorant.

To go with that, a ton of screenshots were supposedly leaked from IGN’s Southeast Asia bureau, offering a more detailed look into some of the maps and design.

There’s no allusions here: this is very much a more stylised take on Counter-Strike levels, which makes sense since Volcano, a former CS professional and the mapmaker responsible for Cache in CS:GO, is one of the key developers on Valorant.

The embargo for Valorant supposedly drops around 6:00pm AEDT Australian time. It’ll be interesting to see more of a breakdown with the game’s economy; rumour is so far that you can either buy weapons or hero abilities, and potentially both if you’re flush with cash. Small details like bonuses for consecutive losses, potential for different modes and how the hero picking system functions will be neat to see too.


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