Watch A Life-Sized Gundam’s Skeleton Legs Move

Watch A Life-Sized Gundam’s Skeleton Legs Move
Gif: <a href="">ザクチャンネル</a>

You have probably seen one of Japan’s life-sized Gundams, whether in person or in photos. But have you seen the skeleton legs of a one-to-one scale movable Gundam? I have not!

Currently, the 59-foot-tall Gundam is being constructed, with the frame being put together in Ibaraki Prefecture. To ensure the giant mecha can move, it must weigh less than previous life-sized Gundams.

It actually has ended up weighing five tons less than originally planned thanks to a slimmer design, lighter materials like carbon as well as the decision to make the giant Gundam totally electric-powered instead of powered by hydraulic fluid.

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The giant (moving!) Gundam is scheduled to be opened to the public from October 1. You can see how it will move in the promotional video below.