What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It’s probably more “what are you playing now, tomorrow, Sunday, and next week”. Which is really just more time to spend with video games.

I’ve been working my way through Control again to play with the Foundation DLC, which went live this week. It’s been a blast playing Control again, but I’ve been messing around with the new DLSS implementation in the game as well, which is a nice improvement from the original. (You notice it mostly on Jesse Faden’s hair, especially in cut scenes.)

Control And Mechwarrior 5 Are Getting Nvidia's New DLSS This Week

Everyone already had a reason to play Control this week with the new DLC, but now there's an even better reason. In an embargoed GDC-esque briefing, Nvidia revealed that the much better version of their AI-powered anti-aliasing technique, deep learning super sampling (DLSS), would be patched into the next chapter of Jesse Faden's adventure. But Jesse's not the only one to benefit, because Mechwarrior 5 of all games is getting the new DLSS too.

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Beyond Control, there’ll be a ton of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in my home, as well as a bunch of benchmarks running while I work my way through various tests for next week. Plus, it’s a good time to just keep cleaning the house and doing basic chores.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Really not impressed with the seemingly constant assumption that COVID 19 is some kind of home-based computer gaming holiday festival of amazing.

    A lot of us are working from home, which tends to break up the day into annoying fragments of searching the markets for mincemeat and toilet paper, interruptions from the kids forced to stay home from school, and the general concentration breaks that only seem to happen at home when you’re trying to work out of the office, none of which are particularly conducive to long immersive sessions of Wild Hunt.

    Then there’s those of us who can’t actually afford a game, or their power bills, because they’ve just lost all their shifts and suddenly have no way of paying for either food or their rent and are suddenly stressed out of their mind with the imminent prospect of homelessness and spending the next 8 hours queuing outside of Centerlink and thereafter hitting refresh on the seek.com homepage on the off chance that a single job is being advertised by someone, anywhere.

    • Well, those of us who are at home working are probably trying to maintain some reasonable semblance of productivity to justify our pay… but at least have the benefit of a couple extra hours that would’ve otherwise disappeared into commuting and not wearing PJs.

      But yeah… if you’re at home playing games instead of working, the balance of probability is that you’re not being paid to do it.

      Which makes it so much more important to be able to look at it through that delusional lens of pretending it’s a kind of fucked up holiday, so you don’t fall into a deep, dark hole of fucking despair.

      Let people have that much.

      • It seems to me that the only people suffering from the fucked up holiday delusion you describe are the ones who don’t personally have to deal with it.

        • I hesitate to say that anyone should engage more with social media, on general principle, but if you really believe that, then… you need to read more of peoples’ problems on social media.

          (Note, not ‘suffering from’ the delusion, but willingly turning to it as a means of coping with the otherwise very grim reality.)

          • Basically, we all have different ways of mentally coping with stressful situations. Some people cope by buying all the toilet paper, other people cope by pretending it’s an extended break or holiday.

    • I’d like to point out you’re on a gaming website, just saying.
      Injecting a bit of light into the situation helps with the doom and gloom.

      Sounds like you need to play some games.

      • I’d just like to point out that treating something as trivial is not the same thing as ‘injecting a bit of light’. Just saying.

  • I have been playing Bioshock Remastered again. I think I have played Bioshock at least once a year since release. One of my all-time favourites. Been playing a bit of Doom Eternal. Enjoying it but I never thought Doom would turn into a platformer. So far I have enjoyed the 2016 release more than eternal but I am not far in so hopefully it picks up a bit.

  • More Horizon Zero Dawn and maybe some Tales of Vesperia if I can stomach the scenes. Honestly feels like I play ToV less than I am watching scenes at the moment. Curse my completion streak.
    And if the lock down holds off then on the bike again for exercise.

  • My pile of shame is rapidly diminishing. Weirdly I’ve gone back to finish Mafia III which with all the DLC is actually a decent game. A real lesson in NOT pulling out in game content to become DLC.

  • replaying Borderlands – but this time joining a friend who hadn’t played the games yet to work our way through Borderlands Enhanced and eventually Borderlands 2

  • Finishing off Judgment then starting one of the below –
    Disco Elysium
    Doom Eternal
    Or I’ll go back to my shame pile and knock over Xenoblade Chronicles X

  • Still have to work so people get their shopping essentials, but this weekend I’ll be continuing Dying Light. Started it a week ago, enjoying it so much!
    And Resident Evil 3 next week.
    Gonna be a fun time 🙂

  • Working through Nioh 2 NG+, and probably going to give the Control expansion a shot. Also been enjoying Doom64, so might spend some more time with that; I can’t seem to enjoy Eternal (I find the combat to be over-complicated to the point of obfuscation, and I don’t like the constant lack of ammo requiring you to regularly break mid-combat to hunt down a bullet piñata), so it’s nice to go back and relive a simpler time, where you’d be handed a super shotgun with 100 rounds and just shoot demons in the face.

    • There’s a Nioh 2 NG+? Man, I’m only halfway through the Shadow chapter of the campaign (on account of both taking it slowly, but also playing Animal Crossing).

      • Well, “Way of the Strong,” just like the first game. No Way of the Demon/Wise/Nioh yet, but expecting them to come alongside future DLC (ie. how they launched for Nioh 1).

        I felt I took it pretty slowly – did every mission (except one that requires Dual Blades mastery), found most of the Kodama on the way, but admittedly I did not have Animal Crossing to distract me.

  • Playing Resident Evil 0 HD, as part of a series marathon after giving in to splurging with them all on sale the last little while. Hopefully I’ll get through it swiftly, since its my least favourite of the series. (disclaimer, haven’t played 6 or more than 5 minutes of 4)

  • I realised my potato of a PC can play Division 2 at 30FPS quite solidly… so Division it is

    also Diablo III… because it’s a new season… it’s just mindless fun lol

  • Been World War Z for me this weekend. Free to grab on Epic Games for this week….kinda apt based on all that’s going on right now.

  • Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD remaster the from the 2002 Gamecube original Aussie 3D platformer is out now for Nintendo Switch for $40 as a digital remaster if anyone is interested as for me I’ll be getting Ty the Tasmanian Tiger for Nintendo Switch as a digital remaster very soon.
    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger will boomerang his way on to PS4 and Xbox One at a later date.

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