Why Can’t The Doomguy Break Windows?

Why Can’t The Doomguy Break Windows?
Screenshot: Id/Bethesda

The Doomguy is an incredibly strong and powerful warrior who can smash through concrete walls, rip off limbs and survive falls that would kill most humans. But he can’t break a window. Why is that?

Last night I waited patiently for Doom Eternal to unlock. The moment I could, I jumped in and started playing. I’m not writing a review or anything, but after a few hours, I can happily say it is wonderful and feels just as good as Doom(2016), which was one of my favourite games of 2016. So I’m happy and digging everything so far, but I am a bit confused about this window thing.

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Throughout the first few hours, I have already charged and tackled my way through well over a dozen concrete and stone walls. I’ve also punch large metal locks, shattering them with a single hit. But windows, of any type, are unbreakable.

I understand that not all windows should or can be breakable. Windows on my floating space castle are first off, probably not glass, and second off, something the developers can’t allow players to break. I got it. Make sense. That’s fair.

However, why can’t I break this flimsy piece of glass?

ImageScreenshot: Id/Bethesda

It is small, it is surrounded on all sides by playable space, so if the player broke it they could walk through and it wouldn’t send them to their death or some untextured void. Yet, no matter how many times I punch it, this small window won’t shatter. In fact, no glass shatters in the universe of Doom.

Stained glass windows? Nope.

ImageScreenshot: Id/Bethesda

Subway car windows? No.

ImageScreenshot: Id/Bethesda

Even glass that is already cracked and broken can’t be shattered by a solid punch from the mighty Doomguy.

ImageScreenshot: Id/Bethesda

This leads me to believe that either the Doomguy hates breaking glass and won’t punch windows with his full force or in the Doom universe glass is unbreakable and might be the only hope humanity has at stopping the demon hordes invading Earth.

Honestly, the first one seems more likely. Doomguy is a badass demon slayer, but he isn’t an idiot, like me. He doesn’t want to get glass in his fists and gloves. That shit hurts and it is so hard to remove all the tiny specs of glass. If he did punch some glass and it shattered what could happen is 12 hours later, while fighting an imp, his fist will turn in just the right way and he will feel some glass in there, still stuck under his skin. And that sucks.

Or probably, the more likely reason is the engine doesn’t support this type of breakable glass or the devs didn’t think it was important. That’s a possible reason too.

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