YouTuber Says He Didn’t Recently Buy 1,000 Rolls Of Toilet Paper

YouTuber Says He Didn’t Recently Buy 1,000 Rolls Of Toilet Paper
Image: <a href="">HikakinTV</a>

While hoarders have been causing toilet paper sell-outs in Japan, there has been a rumour that popular Japanese YouTuber Hikakin is to blame. The above image is proof of his mass purchase. However, this isn’t a recent screencap. Hikakin bought twenty-years’ worth of toilet paper nearly four years ago.

Below is the original clip, which was uploaded in August 2016:

In the clip, Hikakin said that even though he’s fully stocked for two decades, he would still use toilet paper so sparingly that it would probably last thirty years.

When he moved into a new apartment last year, he brought all the toilet paper:

As reported on Livedoor News, screencaps of Hikakin with massive amounts of toilet paper have helped spur rumours that he had suddenly started hoarding in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Images like the top screencap were widely tweeted, prompting people to criticise him for buying all that toilet paper. 

“It’s all a misunderstanding” Hikakin recently said, adding that the toilet paper was purchased long before it started selling out. There was no way he could have foreseen these current toilet paper problems, which were originally the result of rumours that caused panic buying.

Japanese toilet paper companies have plenty of toilet paper in their warehouses and there are no actual shortages. They are doing their best to get shipments out asap.

“I have lots of toilet paper, but I don’t have any masks,” says Hikakin. The mask shorages are real, but right now in Japan, there are folks who don’t have either!


  • People here in Australia are going shop to shop buying all the toilet paper out. Most stores have now put a limit per customer but its a little to late, plus people stock piling the stuff by going shop to shop will have the same effect in the long run.

    Don’t be a asshole and buy all the toilet paper you can, it won’t save you from the virus and just inconveniences everyone for no good reason!

  • So places like Coles and Woolies only stock as much bulky items like toilet paper as they need for the day. Instead of wasting storage space they opt to have those bulky items delivered daily which is why if even 12 or 20 extra people end up buying the supply that day they run out.

    My understanding of the reason people are buying up the toilet paper is because in the event there is a real panic going on, you may not be able to get items like toilet paper as they can easily sell out for the day.

    I don’t think a Youtuber no one has heard of is the reason for the panic.

    • The only reason these people need the extra toilet paper is because they have shit for brains!

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