Zelda Glitch Grants Unlimited Korok Seeds

Zelda Glitch Grants Unlimited Korok Seeds

This isn’t the first time Zelda fans have found a way to get hold of easy Korok seeds, but it’s certainly the easiest.

Where previous exploits have needed quite a bit of timing and skill, this one only needs you to get to the top of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and inch your way close to the point where you’d get the prompt to press “A”, back away quickly so that the prompt disappears, but then press “A” anyway.

If you do it correctly the camera will cut to a couple of janky angles before granting you a Korok seed. And when it finally cuts back, you’ll still be on the roof and the prompt will return, letting you do it over and over and over again.

Here’s a vid from Gaming Reinvented showing how exactly to pull it off:

It’s boring work, but it’s honest work. Actually it’s not even that honest, so at least it’s easy?


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