A Cool DIY Trick For Everyone Who Plays The Switch In Bed

A Cool DIY Trick For Everyone Who Plays The Switch In Bed
Image: <a href="https://twitter.com/GoodpartAU/status/1156442319983239174">Michael Sloane (Twitter)</a>

Here’s a very First World Gamer problem. You’re playing the Switch in bed. It’s late. You’re on your side because your partner would like to sleep. So you can’t hold the console upright with both hands without rolling over. But if you detach one JoyCon from the Switch, games often demand that you detach both JoyCons. So what is one to do?

This article has been updated since its original publication.

The co-founder of the Generozity charity, Michael Sloane, found himself in this exact scenario. He plays the Switch in bed on his side, and wanted to play with just one JoyCon detached while still having the other JoyCon attached to the console. “You can’t play on your side because you’d have to hold your arm in the air to hit buttons,” Sloane argued.

So how do you play while having just one JoyCon detached?

The answer: a bit of tape.

By using a bit of tape under the lip of the rail, you can clear the contacts underneath. The useful trick means you can leave one JoyCon attached at all times, while the other JoyCon can nestle safely in your hand, letting your arm can lie in a much more natural sleeping position. And the console will think both JoyCons are detached, because the contacts on one JoyCon are covered by the tape.

Of course, doing this will undoubtedly void the warranty. But that’s probably not going to stop people from pretending they were suffering from JoyCon drift.


  • This article seems to be trying to say a different thing from what the tweets say.
    Article: So how do you detach one JoyCon while tricking the console into thinking it’s still attached?
    Tweet: Even when attached, the Switch will think that this Joycon is detached!
    This is literally the opposite of what you said in the article,

    • It’s a bit clumsily worded, so I’ve made a quick update. But I’ll restate here: the basic idea is that you want the console to think *both* JoyCons are detached, but you actually want one JoyCon connected so you’re not having to hold both your arms up.

      So the tape goes around the underside of one of the JoyCon rails, which prevents the Switch from thinking that JoyCon is connected — even though it’ll slide into the dock just fine. The other JoyCon can be disconnected as per normal, and the console will think you’re just using detached, split JoyCons.

      • Thanks for fixing the wording. I understood the concept, but the way it was worded initially, it sounded like you’d fundamentally misunderstood it. The article reads much better now ????

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