A Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Briefing Has Leaked

A Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Briefing Has Leaked
Image: Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red)
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Only a day after some of the biggest Last of Us 2 story beats leaked online, CD Projekt Red’s tentpole adventure has a leak of its own.

Around 25 minutes of poorly framed footage is available online across three videos on YouTube and social media. The videos, which aren’t in English, look like they were recorded from a closed-door gameplay session from E3 last year, as the mission is the same as the solo play run that can be seen towards the end of the “Deep Dive Video” released last year.

The footage isn’t on the same level as the Last of Us 2 spoiler from yesterday, which included massive, massive plot points and cutscenes. What’s uploaded here is more of an uncut look at Sasquatch HQ, a deeper look at menus that haven’t been shown off before like the upgrade system, and first and third-person footage of driving a motorcycle. There’s no major spoilers in here, but it’s more an opportunity to get a sense of the general flow of a mission.

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Links to the footage are floating around on social media and forums, such as Resetera and Reddit. I won’t link to them here, but having watched them – it’s my job, after all – I will say you’re safe from spoilers. Direct footage of the biggest highlights have already been posted online by CD Projekt Red themselves. It’s really only entertaining if you just want to get a hang of what a gameplay briefing at an E3 or Gamescom is like, and you want to watch how the game pans out in real-time.

All I’ll say is: September can’t come fast enough.

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    • Already preordered the game online and since my job told me to clear all my annual leave I set it to take it all of it in September to give plenty of time to play (and still have a job when I return lol)

  • Looks so nice. Why arnt more people talking about this game! I was playing valorant the other day but i think this will be my new muse. I needed a VPN to download valorant though so i got the PureVPN 7-day trial, i wonder if i will need it for cyberpunk as well

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