A Well-Spent Youth

A Well-Spent Youth

Shabeer MV is a 3D artist from India.

You can see more of Shabeer’s stuff at his ArtStation page.


  • I approve of the image featuring the PSX. Heaps of memories there.

    Just one little nitpick: the artist used regular CD jewel cases instead of the thicker cases. Some games did release in the thinner jewel case but they were either the later Platinum editions (early editions used the thicker cases) or were released in the latter part of the PSX’s life.

    • The TV has a System of a Down sticker on it too.
      Maybe he enjoyed the PS1 sometime later than the era we usually associate with the PS1

  • Shabeer MV is a 3̶D̶ ̶a̶r̶t̶i̶s̶t̶ photographer from India.

    (Seriously though, the burger and the mountain range look a bit uncanny valley, but the others… I can’t even begin to tell what is a 3D model and what is real. Is it all 3D? Geez)

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