Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day Sucks

Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day Sucks
Image: Nintendo

I was excited for Animal Crossing New Horizon’s first big holiday. It sounded fun. But it sucks. I hate it. I want it to stop. Leave my island and take your eggs with you, Zipper.

Bunny Day is a holiday that is currently being celebrated in Animal Crossing. During this time players collect different types of eggs and can then use these eggs to build new and colourful items. There’s also a bunny named Zipper. But the less said about that creep, the better.

So what’s the problem? Well for me it comes down to three things that make this whole event suck.

1: Way Too Many Eggs

ImageScreenshot: Nintendo

I was so happy for new fish to show up in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I was tired of catching the same things every time I played. But right as the game cycled out some old fish and added some new fish to catch, Bunny Day happened. And now all I catch is eggs. I hate the eggs.

Eggs can appear in trees, underground, in floating balloon packages, underwater and even inside rocks. What this means is that most of my day in Animal Crossing right now is me running over to a crack in the ground, digging and instead of new fossil I find a fucking egg. Instead of a cool new fish, I get an egg. Instead of a neat item dropping from a balloon, another dumb egg. I might be more excited to collect eggs except…

2: The Bunny Day Items Are Terrible

So after collecting all these eggs what can you do with them? Can you turn them in for extra bells? No. Can you cook weird meals with them? No. Can you throw them at the dumb bunny? Nope. You take all these different eggs and you craft Bunny Day specific items. They all suck.

ImageScreenshot: Nintendo

Wow! An egg lamp that looks like a bigger egg!

ImageScreenshot: Nintendo

Amazing! An egg stool that looks like an egg that got knocked over.

ImageScreenshot: Nintendo

And look, a bed that looks so uncomfortable that I would rather sleep on the floor.

It would have been nice to get some items that actually involved bunnies, considering the name of the holiday. Or items that don’t look terrible outside this one limited-time event. So not only is my island filled with eggs that I don’t want but if I do collect them all, the only thing I get to do with them is make terrible pieces of furniture.

Did my villager die and get sent to Hell? Let me leave.

3: Bunny Day Isn’t Optional

ImageScreenshot: Nintendo

My biggest problem with Bunny Day is that I’m forced to celebrate it. I was playing The Division 2 recently and they had this cool, but weird, event where enemies had either a positive or negative charge. Each time you reloaded your gun or changed weapons you would switch your polarity. And you needed to shoot bad guys who had the same charge as you did. It was cool. But if you didn’t want to deal with it, Ubisoft let you turn it off. Which is smart.

Forcing players to put up with an event like this seems odd. Especially because Animal Crossing can be played mostly solo with no friends or online buddies. So why not let players just turn off Bunny Day. Maybe keep them from opening their island to friends until they turn it back on or something? Or once a player has crafted all the items they can craft, stop spawning eggs? There has to be a better way to handle this than what we are currently dealing with.

This is especially true for players who have just picked up the game recently and who are trying to progress through the early stages of New Horizons. Adding a bunch of eggs into that is annoying when all they want and need is a lot of wood and fish.

I’m no longer excited about future Animal Crossing events. I’m now nervous. I hope that Nintendo hears the complaints coming from around the internet and moving forward makes some changes to future events. Even just letting players opt-out would be enough.

As for Bunny Day, it ends on April 12th. I can’t wait. I’ll never bad mouth sea bass or loaches again after catching endless eggs.


  • I’m still able to catch fish, just maybe one or two less?

    I think the event is running for too long, it should be for a week, not two weeks.

    Although my kids are very excited for the event and really enjoying it.

  • Yeah I agree the event is running for too long and has waaay to many eggs. It completely ruined fishing for me as 90% of the medium fish turn out to be eggs. If it just had eggs hidden in trees and balloons and didn’t out stay its welcome it wouldn’t be quite so bad as I don’t mind the furniture.

  • There’s nothing new to catch for southern hemisphere players anyway, just a ton less than we had last month :/
    I actually find this Bunny Day stuff gives me something to work towards as there’s not really any fish/bugs left.

  • The issue with the eggs is that the majority interfere with other spawns. If Nintendo had just been a bit smarter with how they are found then the hate wouldn’t be so bad. I have yet to see anyone complain about the Leaf Eggs or Ground Eggs, as both of these types do not interfere with the spawns of anything else (Leaf Eggs spawn on standard trees, and Ground Eggs spawn in addition to the 4 fossils each day). But when you then look at the others it becomes infuriating.

    Rock Eggs could’ve easily worked similar to the daily money rock, ie. one rock per day spawns 9 eggs.
    Wood Eggs could’ve only been gathered from the trees that spawned Leaf Eggs, limiting again to 9 spawns per day.
    Water Eggs could’ve been a rare spawn, encouraging players to fish for potential new spawns, but not bogging them down with a new C+.
    Sky Eggs could’ve been displayed as being carried by the balloons instead of constant “gifts”, so that those hunting for the recipes wouldn’t be wasting 6 slingshots a day trying to find them.

    If Nintendo had worked harder at limiting each eggs availability, then it would help to better space out the “hunt” aspect to last the 11 days before the final event day. Those that wanted to rush or potentially missed a day could simply use Nook Mileage Tickets to island-hop for additional spawns. But with the way the event currently is I have already finished crafting all the current items and am simply waiting till the event day with enough eggs already to craft the final 2 items, now looking at all future egg spawn with disdain.

  • I feel like everyone complaining is blowing this out of proportion. Probably the same people min/maxing the game and probably time travelling out of impatience too.
    It’s funny. I had the opposite problem the other day, I wanted some water eggs and all I was catching were fish XD

  • I’m enjoying it. I’ve made everything and now I’m selling the eggs for a tonne of bells. Also the egg lamp is awesome so xP.

  • I was sick of the eggs being everywhere on day 2 already. I now have all Bunny Day recipies, crafted them all once for that surprise gift Zipper hinted at, and now I’m just shooting balloons for Nook Miles and praying for this shit to end.

  • Poor things, that thing is animal crossing, if you are already being stressed by seasonal events, step out, cause the game has lot more from where this came.

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