All The Bugs And Fish Leaving Animal Crossing: New Horizons In April

All The Bugs And Fish Leaving Animal Crossing: New Horizons In April
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Each month in Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings surprises including new fishes and bugs to catch. But if you’re not quick with these critters, you might miss out on catching them until the next calendar year. Here are all the fish and bugs you should catch before they disappear at the end of April.

It’s important to note that these critters are hemisphere specific, so if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, these are the critters you’ll need to catch before they disappear.

Bugs Disappearing In April

  • Darner Dragonfly: Appears 8am – 5pm flying around
  • Ladybug: Appears 8am – 5pm on flowers
  • Man-Faced Stink Bug: Appears 7pm – 8am on flowers
  • Mantis: Appears 8am – 5pm flying around
  • Red Dragonfly: Appears 8am – 7pm flying around
  • Scorpion: Appears 7pm – 4am on the ground
  • Stinkbug: Appears all day on flowers
  • Tiger Beetle: Appears all day on the ground
  • Yellow Butterfly: Appears 4am – 7pm flying around

Of these, the hardest to get is the Scorpion — it tends to wander your town at night and hides behind bushes and trees to attack you.

Make sure to use the proper technique if you’re going after one of these critters.

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Fish Disappearing In April

In addition to the bugs disappearing, there are also a lot of fish that will no longer be available after April.

  • Angelfish: Appears 4pm – 9am in the river (small shadow)
  • Betta: Appears 9am – 4pm in the river (small shadow)
  • Catfish: Appears 4pm – 9am in the pond (large shadow)
  • Giant Trevally: Appears all day at the pier (extra large shadow)
  • Mahi-Mahi: Appears all day at the pier (extra large shadow)
  • Moray Eel: Appears all day in the ocean (long and thick shadow)
  • Rainbowfish: Appears 9am – 4pm in the river (small shadow)
  • Ribbon Eel: Appears all day in the river (long and thin shadow)
  • Snapping Turtle: Appears 9pm – 4am in the river (medium shadow)
  • Tilapia: Appears all day in the river (medium shadow

Some of these critters won’t make their way back to your game until October in real time, so if you’re looking to complete your museum collection (and gain golden tools in the process), you’ll need to get catching fast.


    • And if you’re after those pier fish remember that the airport dock counts as a pier. Mystery island docks are good because it’s easy* to get fish to respawn there without using bait.

      *easy meaning slightly easier, not actual easy.

        • Yeah. I’ve caught both in the southern hemisphere this month. They should spawn at any time of the day. I don’t have my Switch with me to triple check but everywhere I look says they leave this month and won’t be back until November.

          They have the largest sized non-fin shadow. They’re pretty tricky because the pier is tiny and spawns both pier exclusive fish and sea fish. So you have a small chance of spawning a fish at all, then a small chance of it being pier exclusive, and then an even smaller chance of it being a Mahi-Mahi or Giant Trevally. Even with bait they’re tough fish to catch.

  • I THINK i’ve caught all these, I’ll have to check. I’ve neglected fish and bugs as of late, so many other things to do. Took me AGES to get a scorpion, I found a bunch but they always took me by surprise and got me before I could get them. Finally cornered one just the other day, I have it in my house as a trophy.

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