Becoming An Oil Tycoon In Animal Crossing

Becoming An Oil Tycoon In Animal Crossing
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Hello! This week we grow weed on Twitch, learn about some new Marvel characters coming to Fornite, hear what it’s like to be a doctor in NYC during the pandemic, tell some dumb jokes and stock up on oil in Animal Crossing.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Thousands Of People Enjoy Just Watching Marijuana Plants Grow On Twitch

Twitch’s gardening section contains multitudes. Some people broadcast apple orchards. Others build birdhouses. Others play Stardew Valley. But at most times of the day, those streams are crowded out by one of the most instantly recognisable plants on earth: the seven-armed starfish, Beelzebub’s kale salad, other names I didn’t just make up. I speak, of course, about weed.

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I didn’t even know watching weed growers was a thing on Twitch and now I’m incredibly interested in how this community works.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Haunted By What Came Before

Final Fantasy VII Remake bears a heavy weight on its shoulders, needing to recreate a beloved classic in a way that can ignite the imaginations of old-school fans and newcomers alike. There is an expectation surrounding the game: Be like the thing that existed in 1997. Be the game we loved. Be the game we want now. These expectations can’t be ignored, the hazy cries of countless fans haunting each passing moment like the howling of ghosts.

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I never played the original, so this is a great post digging into that game and how its legacy remains a burden for the remake.

The Doctor, The Disease, And The Division

Soon after the coronavirus struck my busy Brooklyn hospital, I found myself caring for an older gentleman with kidney issues. Let’s call him Mr. Johnson. I’m a specialist in kidney medicine, and I knew it should have been a fairly routine visit.

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One of the best things I’ve read in months. Stop what you are doing and read this harrowing and hopeful article from a doc in NYC.


“Timmy. Tommy. Listen, I need all of your oil barrels. ALL of it. I’m going to become a rich oil baron and destroy Tom Nook, once and for all.”

I’m happy to see dumb jokes like this are still popular during these terrible times.

“This is your pilot….I’m going to uh….. draw a message about love and courage…uh…expect a 20-minute delay.”


Trailers And Videos From The Past Week

Is this trailer just about a dude reloading a save?

So you can now have Deadpool, Batman, John Wick, Rey, NFL players, The Demogorgon from Stranger Things and Stormtroopers all fighting each other. This game is quickly becoming a 12-year old’s fever dream and I love it.

“You’ll be one..ugly…motherfucker… unless, you pre-order Predator: Hunting Grounds.

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