The Best April Fool’s Day Jokes Of 2020

The Best April Fool’s Day Jokes Of 2020
Image: Blizzard

It’s a strange year for April Fool’s. The world is currently suffering through a global epidemic. Many people are in lockdown and the coronavirus infection rate continues to rise. But while April Fool’s has a reputation for meanspirited misleading, it’s great to see that for the most part, this year’s jokes are on the light-hearted side. While the future currently looks uncertain, we’re sure you’ll get a good, much-needed chuckle out of this year’s April Fool’s Day fun.

‘HBO Max’ promises to unleash the Snyder Cut

At this stage, you’re probably sick of hearing about the mysterious Snyder Cut of Justice League. Does it exist? Probably, but will it magically turn Justice League into a watchable movie? No.

That didn’t stop a cheeky fake Twitter account, @HBOMaxOfficial from announcing that the long-awaiting cut of the film would be making its way to U.S. streaming service HBO Max. Despite the fact that any cut would more likely end up on the DC Universe streaming service, the post came along with a very professional poster and caught quite a few people off-guard.

Overwatch’s googly eyes

The height of humour is putting googly eyes on things that shouldn’t have googly eyes — and in that regard, Overwatch delivered in spades. In this April Fool’s prank every creature in Overwatch gained a set of funky googly eyes — including Hanzo’s Dragonstrike Ultimate, much to our delight.

This is just some good, dumb fun and it looks like Overwatch players are having an absolute ball with it.

FlipNote is coming to Nintendo Switch

The Best April Fool’s Day Jokes Of 2020

FlipNote Studio was a fantastic little design tool for the Nintendo DS that allowed creators to implement simple animations. It is famously used by artist Kéké to create fantastic little creature animations.

A series of screenshots for a new title on Switch were ‘leaked’ online for April Fool’s Day, but of course, these screens were just very well-crafted fakes. The whole thing looked awesome, and while FlipNote Studio not coming to Nintendo Switch is a bit of a bummer, it has started a very important conversation around the title and reminded people of just how brilliant it was.

Guild Wars II introduces a giant cat

Cats are cool. You know what’s even cooler? Big cats. That’s exactly what Guild Wars II added in its April Fool’s update. Players can view these giant cats by consuming a limited time potion called the Chatoyant Elixir. That means some players can see these giant beings while others go about their day, blissfully unaware.

All hail the giant cat gods.

Ant-Man joins For Honor, sort of

“Things are about to get a whole lot … smaller” proclaimed the @ForHonor Twitter account on April Fool’s Day. According to this prank, the game would be getting a brand new ‘Mini’ edition where players must fight for their honour as smaller, much less effective versions of themselves.

The trailer includes some hilarious cuts between the miniature protagonist and his tiny sword as they cut down wave upon wave of enemy. His squeaky little voice takes the prank to the next level. It’s good stuff.

Amazon announces a spin-off for The Boys

The Boys is an ultra violent superhero adaptation that follows a team trying to take down and kill corrupt superheroes. It’s great. But you know what would have made it better? Dogs. Lots of dogs. Amazon Prime UK aimed to deliver with this adorable teaser for a spin-off of The Boys, appropriately called The Good Boys.

We’d absolutely watch this.

Dirt Rollers is a brand new marble-racing sim

The Best April Fool’s Day Jokes Of 2020Image: Codemasters

The team at Codemasters (known for publishing DiRT and the F1 franchise) came up with this delightful little fake teaser for a marble racing game. The team showed off a bunch of new ‘screenshots’ which included marbles racing through extreme landscapes like snowy peaks and mountain ranges.

It’s 100% fake, but we still want to play it.


Unlike many other pranks on this list, this joke is actually real. T.A.B.S. (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) is getting a brand new bug-themed DLC that adds a range of silly glitches to the game that let players defy gravity, explode everything and spin endlessly.

The whole thing looks delightfully silly and the best part is you can purchase it now for $7.50, with proceeds going towards Doctors Without Borders. A free version will be available from tomorrow.

PUBG goes rogue

Here’s another very real video game prank — PUBG has announced a brand new ‘Fantasy Battle Royale’ mode available for a limited where players can live out their PUBG dreams on a fantasy battleground filled with wizards and unicorns. There’s a new crafting mode as well as new vehicles, cosmetics and weapons. The whole thing looks fantastic, and the best news is that it’ll be available in-game all week.

This is the kind of ridiculousness we need right now.

Pingu invades League of Legends

The Best April Fool’s Day Jokes Of 2020

After teasing fans on social media and Reddit, Riot unveiled their League joke for the year: Pingu. The cuddliest champion in the roster, Riot showcased all of Pingu’s abilities with some beautifully shitty videos.

Here’s the description for one of the skills:

“If this skill hits an enemy, Pingu will fall to the ground and start laughing really hard. Whenever the icebergs hit an enemy afflicted by Titanic Mark, they drown and Celine Dion starts to sing.”

Have you found any great April Fool’s jokes around? Share them in the comments below!


  • minecraft snapshot 20w14 infinite.

    It’s actually real, you can load up a world using that snapshot, create a nether portal, throw in an infinity book and then find yourself in a randomly generated world. Then you can warp to others like “/warp perfection” which any fan of direwolf20 will be familiar with, “/warp terminal” which is a DOS terminal and heaps of others.

  • Only got done by one, 2 hours ago, Someone put a leak up on Deftones – Eros.
    It really rustled my jimmies.

  • I quite enjoyed FGO’s FGO Pinball game. Played it way too much to unlock all the servants in order to create a picture recreating my usual lineup.

    Azur Lane EN also had theirs, which was cute being able to understand what was happening in one from the JP servers a few years ago.

    • Thanks for sending me down that FGO pinball rabbit hole.
      Also just spent a bit longer than i should have on there.

  • It would have been a lot funnier if Riot had based Pingu on the character from the TV series.

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