Cat Calmly Ruins Twitch Stream

Most cat content on Twitch runs the gamut between harmless use of the animals as cute props and outright abuse. Very rarely does the mischief that these creatures house within their small frames get put on display as it did during a recent broadcast by fighting game streamer David “UltraDavid” Graham.

While playing some Killer Instinct and chatting about politics yesterday, Graham’s stream was blessed with the presence of Ajax, his orange tabby. Ajax, it seems, is smart enough to open doors. In the video archive below, Ajax can be seen entering Graham’s office with all the confidence of a pet that has all of its basic needs met every day.

Ajax continues to vie for affection until, apparently upset that every ounce of his owner’s attention isn’t being directed his way, he proceeds to chew through Graham’s controller wire in the middle of a match.

But the mayhem doesn’t stop there. Graham, obviously amused by the situation, gives Ajax a little lecture before telling his viewers that he has to cut his stream short. Then, with one last burst of disrespect, Ajax climbs on Graham’s desk and knocks down his light.

“What a time for the cat,” Graham says, smiling. “You’re my favourite little orange guy but you are being a little pill right now. We’re outta here before you destroy anything else.”

Cats are cool. I mean, yeah, they can be little goblins with a complete disregard for everyone else around them, but we’ve all been brainwashed by their poop to think it’s cute. That’s part of why I really appreciate Ajax; this is feline behaviour in its most pure form, an uncut look at what it’s truly like to live with cats. Bless these furry devils.


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