Conventions Can Still Be Held, They're Just Happening Online

One of the biggest casualties of the global Covid-19 lockdowns are events like comic and anime conventions, because huge arenas filled with tens of thousands of people crammed in, hugging and shaking hands are a massive health risk. But that’s OK! We can still have cons on the internet.

And not just joke ones, like BreadCon we featured the other day. HomeCon is a legit, actual nerd convention, with guests and panels and everything, only it’s going to be happening on Twitch instead of a convention centre.

First proposed by actors Paul Amos (Jacob in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate) and Batwoman’s Rachel Skarsten, some other folks with events experience have stepped in to help organise the con, which will take place April 10-11.

A basic $US4.99 ($8) Twitch subscription will get you access to the show itself, while $US50 ($80) can get you a five minute one-on-one chat with many of the con’s guests, which include TV stars (from shows like The Expanse and Stranger Things) and video game voice actors (like loads of Assassin’s Creed stars), with 10% of proceeds are going to the charity First Responders First.

This will obviously be a very different kind of con, with no cosplay or merch booths or physical contact with friends. But these are weird and difficult times we’re living through, and conventions are living through them too.

HoemCon kicks off on April 10 on its Twitch page.


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