Cosplayers Can’t Go To Cons, So They Had One On The Internet

Cosplayers Can’t Go To Cons, So They Had One On The Internet

For a few years now on April 1, cosplayers from around the world have joined in on a common joke and posted some pics. This year’s effort, though, took on some added significance, as without any major cosplay cons taking place in the foreseeable future, this “con” was as close to a show as anyone was going to get for a while.

A big part of cosplay, at least amongst those who attend cons regularly, is the act of actually going somewhere in person. It provides not just the chance to show your outfit off in the flesh, but also to catch up with (or meet new) friends.

With that off the table for the next few months, 2020’s theme—having fun with the trope of “anime characters running late for school with bread in their mouth”—has drawn a ton of participation, as it gave cosplayers a chance to work on something that could be seen and shared with a big audience (and which was also a very good and dumb theme to play with).

It also gave this virtual con its name: BreadCon 2020, which so far has over 1000 entries on Instagram.

In addition to just taking part, a charity fund was also setup by organiser gaiuscosplay, with 100% of proceeds going to the WHO and UN’s Covid-19 Response Fund.

Below you’ll find a video compilation of shots, while under that are some highlights from the showcase/con, featuring entries from all over the world. And if you get far enough down, you might even spot a cameo from our regular cosplay photographer Mineralblu.

Editor’s Note: Oh shit, sorry! In putting this together, I forgot to add our crediting info. Basically, if you’re listed below (or in some cases if a photographer also needs credit), get in touch and I’ll add credits asap. In this case, since there are so many similar shots, if you could say exactly which shot it is that would help, thanks!

Cosplay by heartthistle
Cosplay by thebadwolfreigns
Cosplay by sammi_sabi
Cosplay by avabuehler
Cosplay by _nobana
Cosplay by chromeformer
Cosplay by evieecosplay
Cosplay by @rthetagrey
Cosplay by just.kales | photo by heartcandy_photo
Cosplay by kazrea | photo by heartcandy_photo
Cosplay by pearlessencecos


  • I don’t know what upsets me more, the photoshopped bread, the plain slices of bread or the toasted slices with nothing on them.
    The winner is the gal with the loaf of bread the size of a toddler.

  • Good fun stuff. Pretty sad myself about the lack of cons/festivals that will be happening this year (especially when i finally got around to cosplaying). So its good people are thinking of fun ways to keep it going in spirit.

    Also, was thinking to myself “wow, very few people took it to a lewd place which is surprising”. Then finally hit that Asuka one towards the end, haha.
    I wish i went to the school with that as the uniform.

  • I get that people photoshop cosplay pics … but wtf is with photoshoping the bread…. its the easiest part!!!!

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