Epic Games Store Now Supports The Australian Dollar

Epic Games Store Now Supports The Australian Dollar
Image: Epic Games

The Epic Game Store is slowly working through their public roadmap, and on Thursday afternoon Aussies got one much needed feature: support for the Aussie dollar.

Similar to Steam when the Australian dollar was finally added, AUD support hasn’t really changed the end pricing of games a whole lot for Australians. AAA games are still going for around the $89.95 or $90 mark – like Death Stranding and Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines – and indie games are all priced between $25 and $59 depending on how big a project it is.

Maneater is going for $56.95, a few dollars cheaper than what EB is charging for the physical edition.

Epic Games Store Now Supports The Australian Dollar

With how much the Australian dollar is in the toilet, the regional change works out in our favour once you factor in foreign currency conversion fees (usually around 3 percent). Death Stranding cost around $110 before regional pricing kicked in, whereas today it’s selling for $91. Borderlands 3 is on the $90 mark too, and while the US conversion was only a dollar different, that doesn’t factor in the extra money you’d have been charged by your bank for paying in US dollars.

All in all, Aussies aren’t getting a massive saving: we’re just not getting shafted as hard. It obviously doesn’t rectify all of the issues people have levelled against the Epic Game Store, but we can at least appreciate that Epic got Aussie dollar support going up relatively quickly compared to Valve (who took four years to add support for the AUD after announcing it).

After Steam Enabled The Aussie Dollar, Some Games Quietly Became More Expensive

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Elsewhere, Epic’s still continuing to give away free games. For The King is the company’s latest offering, blending strategy, turn-based combat, cardbuilding and co-op all in one. As always, you can add it to your account for free, although Epic has implemented a change where you’ll need to enable 2FA support before redeeming the game into your account.


  • I guess it will save us 2 seconds jumping over to google to do a quick USD to AUD conversion

    we’ll just have wait to see what kind of discounts we’ll get when things goes on sale

    • I share your cynicism about caring much about which currency my credit card is buying in, but for what it’s worth google and similar quote the mid market rate (half way between buy and sell), not the retail exchange rate. Nobody actually gets the mid market rate, even banks, so you’re going to end up spending another 3% or so here.

      This also assumes you’ve got one of the small number of credit cards that don’t charge an additional international transaction fee on top of the retail rate (most banks other than 28 Degrees and ING). Otherwise you’ll be paying an extra 3% or so on top of that again.

  • With the exchange rate jumping around, this is good, because you never really know how much you are spending. At least our currency seems to be climbing again..

    • The more our currency climbs the more we’re going to get hosed by the up-front conversion to AUD.

      If our price is quoted in USD we get the benefit of improving exchange rates instantly. If our price is quoted in AUD, however, there will potentially be a significant lag before publishers get around to adjusting AUD prices as they now need to do this manually.

      Say in 12 months the AUD reaches partity with USD (1:1) but the AUD price hasn’t been adjusted from the retail price the devs nominate today (currently $1.00USD = $1.50AUD approx). We’ll effectly be paying 50% more compared to the US than what we would otherwise have paid had prices still been quoted in USD.

  • Epic was lighting fast in changing the region of my account to Australia, but apparently it was set to India. Maybe I accessed my account there (I do have a home there too but went last year in November) or something. I tried to buy Control for USD $12 and Metro Exodus Gold Edition for USD $10! Those were amazing prices! I didn’t even know about Aussie dollar in Epic Store until I tried to purchase those games and I coudn’t. After they change my account to Australia, Metro Exodus Gold is now A$43 and Control is A$46! WTF Epic!??!

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