Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Very Realistic Air-Conditioning Units

Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Very Realistic Air-Conditioning Units
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Final Fantasy VII Remake might be set in a fantasy world Gaia and have stupid doors, but that doesn’t make the game lacks realistic air conditioning units.

Players have noticed all the A/C units throughout the capital city Midgar. Similar units are seen throughout modern-day Japan, where central air is uncommon for apartments and houses, so it’s interesting to spot them in-game. 

As air conditioning pros pointed out, the game’s A/C units are on point.

Here is the real-world unit apparently referenced in the game. (Below is a 2018 Hitachi model.)

This shouldn’t be totally expected. Final Fantasy XV, for example, brought real-world Japanese police cars and toll booths to its fantasy setting Eos.


  • There’s other little authentic touches, too, like the Japanese-style parks, carparks, and front yards to the Employee Housing area of Sector 7.

  • It’s funny to see all these realistic, environmental props in the game. Despite the world being infested with monsters, a gigantic world-controlling corporation literally sucking the life out of the world, magic, superhuman soldiers with giant swords etc. it’s just kind of funny to see realistic “real” objects in the game, like air conditioning units. There’s also other stuff like corrugated iron, refrigerators, some small little Japanese-style ramen noodle bars/restaurants.

    This might sound inappropriate, but please hear me out, visiting the slums of Midgar kind of reminds me of the reality here in Australia, in remote Aboriginal communities.

    In my previous job (which I worked in for seven years), I used to visit remote, isolated communities across the Northern Territory on a regular basis. My job was to work with Aboriginal people to develop educational, health related resources, such as posters, videos and some interactive resources for young children.

    When ever I visited a community, many of them were so alike. Damaged housing, and a lot of “make shift” homes as well, built from scrap resource like corrugated iron, concrete binder blocks etc. With all due respect, it honestly felt like third world country conditions. Which… is sadly ironic, because it’s right here in Australia.

    Australia is a first world nation, and yet right in our backyard are people living in such conditions who really… can’t do much about it, or can’t afford to leave. It’s really sad.

    Sorry, I’m not trying to be political about this and I hope I wasn’t inappropriate, but visiting the slums of Midgar in the Final Fantasy VII Remake really did remind me of what I saw in my past job.

    • I don’t think it was inappropriate, as it is accurate. One of my good mates worked for Department of housing in the NT and Western Aus basically rebuilding housing for the folks who seemed to destroy them quicker then they could build them.
      It is a sad truth but most folks don’t realise how rough it is out there.

      • Thank you for your positive response.

        That’s right, a lot of people don’t know how rough it is. They’re in small towns (very small towns) which are so far away from everything and they’re often in poor condition.

        Not to get political and off-topic, but it pissed me off so much when the ignorant Tony Abbott claimed that people living in these communities were doing so as “lifestyle choice”, so it’s apparently their fault if they can’t access stuff like city-people can.

        Yet… the price to get out of a community via charter plane is absolutely insane (like two grand) or you might have to endure one hell of a drive out of there. These communities have such a high suicide rate because a lot of people, especially young people who live out there, feel hopeless and want to get out, but can’t leave.

        • Yeah the guy(Tony Abbott) is a dick for lack of a better word, as a life style choice is a “CHOICE” not an obligation which unfortunately for some of the folks living in these remote communities are forced to live under. But hey like you said it is easy for some one who could afford to fly out on tax payers money to “assess” peoples living conditions. A sad truth of Australia’s terrible commitment to the so called closing the gap.
          I mean it does go 2 ways also, as in with proper education on how to look after property and buildings they are given I’m sure their living conditions may improve but still a farcry from a lifestyle choice lol. Anyway how is the remake haven’t even looked at it lol.

          • I enjoyed the Final Fantasy VII remake for the most part.

            The graphics and art direction are excellent, it has a fantastic remastered/remixed soundtrack and the combat system is mostly fun.

            What I didn’t like about the game is how frustrating some of the boss fights could be, and I also didn’t like how some of the side characters were portrayed. Their writing/dialog and performances felt very 90’s in a JRPG or/and anime way. That might be to some people’s liking but to me, it kinda rubbed me off the wrong way.

            The game is also very linear, very point A to point B, having little open areas to explore. I understand that the original Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar segment also had little room to move, so to speak.

            Some people have complained about the remake’s amount of “padding”. In the original PS1 game, the segment of Midgar was about six or so hours in length, where as the remake, set entirely in Midgar, takes 35 – 40 hours to complete. I didn’t mind some of the side stories, and I enjoyed the additional characterisation of some of the cast, such as Cloud, but some of the side quests do feel very “MMO”, e.g. “Go here, kill these things, come back and get reward”.

            I think the remake was good and for the most part, I did enjoy it, but I am a little disappointed and I wouldn’t exactly call this Game of the Year for 2020. I’d probably give the remake a solid 8 out of 10.

          • Uh cool, yeah I kind of want to not play it lol. Not sure why just something about it just feels a bit off. Maybe because of how it is broken up into chapters & we wont get the next chapter for another “x” years. Looks great and I am glad everyone is having fun with it, I think I will leave it to nostalgia memories though.

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