FREAK Entertainment Launches VR Home Delivery Service

FREAK Entertainment Launches VR Home Delivery Service

Sydney VR Arcade FREAK Entertainment has launched a new service where you can rent VR hardware, compatible PCs and games, all delivered directly to your home. FREAK in a Box is set to provide customers with “arcade quality” virtual reality systems on a loan basis with the service launching at the end of April.

If you’re looking at trialling VR for a week, FREAK’s package comes with everything you need to get going with the tech including games like Beat Saber, Job Simulator and Half-Life: Alyx.

FREAK’s package comes with the following:

  • Gaming PC hire
  • Vive Pro headset, controllers, tracking and cabling
  • 30+ VR compatible games

While you will need a TV or HDMI monitor, the set-up comes with everything else you need to set up VR, delivered directly to your door.

For the bad news, the whole package will cost you $480 for a minimum five day hire. If you’re looking to spend time with friends and split the cost between you, this is a very reasonable deal but with current social distancing laws in place, visiting friends is not recommended.

That said, if you just want to play Half Life: Alyx, it might work out cheaper in the long run. It’s currently only available for VR on PC and if you don’t have the tools you’ll likely pay $3000+ for your own set-up. A Vive Pro alone will run you around $1,899.

While $480 is an expensive prospect to pay for one game (and represents a quarter of the cost of owning your own headset), it might be worth it if you’re only looking to dangle your feet into the waters of VR.

To find out more about FREAK in a Box or to pre-order your own virtual reality set-up for loan, visit the company website.

FREAK in a Box will begin VR hire on April 29.

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  • Hope this alternate plan b works for them! Been to FREAK a few times for their arizona sunshine lbvr when they opened and its always good fun.

    Was really worried about them since they’re brand new as a business and with social distancing going on they’ve obviously had to do a shutdown of their lbvr.

  • I would maybe pay $250 max for a weekend hire and just block out a whole weekend to play HL: Alyx. But $480? Yeah, no.

  • “$480 is an expensive prospect to pay for one game (and represents a quarter of the cost of owning your own headset),” enough said; bad price

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