I Don’t Think The Pokemon Company Approved This Ad

When you think Pokemon, here’s what you probably don’t think of: Instagram or Tiktok insights.

There’s an ad flying around Tiktok right now which might actually be the most horrific butchering of the Pokemon IP imaginable. Starring the most bastardised version of Psyduck in existence, Pikachu quickly asks whether the porpous duck was stalking the yellow rodent on Instagram.

The whole thing is an ad for a program called “Ins Insights”, which supposedly lets you see when other people are checking out your Instagram profile. The app looks more likely to be malware than anything else, so I’m sure as hell not linking to it.

But what makes this shitty, shitty ad is the terrible text-to-voiceovers for the Pokemon. It’s that brand of so-bad-its-good that I’ve reuploaded it to Streamable so you can watch it below. (Also because our site doesn’t embed Tiktok’s properly.)

Also, Psyduck apparently lives in Houston. And is called Kokoya. And is apparently in love with Pikachu.

All of these things are hilarious and sacrilege in equal measure. As for the actual account, they have no followers, are following no accounts, but they’ve gotten over 798,000 likes on Tiktok to date.

Must be a sercret weapon of some sort.

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