The Internet Reacts To The PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

So the PlayStation 5 controller is here ... and it's very, very white. And maybe because it's of all the white, but the initial reactions to the DualSense have been: Is this a Switch Pro Controller? How long is it going to stay white? And what the hell does the "Create" button do that the "Share" button didn't?

The first main response to the DualSense's announcement this morning, of course, was: where's the all-black version? It's a valid question given Sony's default controllers have always been black in the past - save for the original grey PS1 controller - even though other colour schemes are always available at some point.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Revealed

While we’ve yet to get a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 itself, Sony has seen fit to tease us today with a first look at its controller.

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Some couldn't help but liken the mostly-white look to other mostly-white designs, like Stormtroopers. And plenty of users liked the change, particularly those who were happy to have an all-white stock controller to match their all-white consoles - although some noted that Sony's comment about the two tones might indicate the console itself will have a similar design approach.




Others took the base design and started applying their own colours, offering an idea of what the DualSense might look like in a couple of years as more promotional controllers and variants are made.

A couple of designers took issue with the iconography above the start/select buttons, although there's a definite upside for one avian hero:

On the bright side, everyone can be grateful Sony didn't get too wild with the DualSense.


    Well this is awkward, the shape buttons don’t have colours.

    I have the shapes tattooed on my fingers, with the correct colours ????????‍♂️

      I've seen a few people mention that apparently the shape buttons light up in their respective colours when the controller is on. Sounds nifty if true, however also makes me wonder of the effect on battery life.

        The PS4 controller already has a light on it that lights up blue or red or whatever. This wouldn't use any more battery than that would.

    Oh good the touchpad is still there, only to be used as one big fat button.
    Has it been covered or something, like what they do with new car models going on a test drive? If this is the ultimate look ... not a fan.

    I think non-gamers would have no issue with the three horizontal lines, since it seems to be a standard in web page and software design now.

    Just call it the... err.... three horizontal line button?

      It seems we are moving in the direction of 3 dots instead of lines in web and app design as of late.

        Which brings to mind the rude shock of moving to Office 2013 and having to figure out how to get the ribbons back using the three dots!

    it looks bigger which is such a good idea. This is Sonys best move so far. None of their controllers fit my huge hands. Pity it still has aligned thumbtacks.

      Out of curiosity, what don't you like about the aligned sticks? I find them preferable and comfortable, although thats clearly not the case for yourself.

        Yeah I personally prefer the aligned sticks, but honestly I don't have an issue with either configuration, it takes me about 5 seconds to get used to the difference.

        Im aware its purely opinion based but i would like to suggest its more that you are simply use to them being aligned than the controller actually being comfortable. Whenever i go to literally any other controller (as none of them have aligned sticks) i realize how rubbish the ps controller feels. There is a reason no one else does it

          I hate playing games with my Xbox controller and use the PS4 with my PC. It's a matter of taste.

        If you have large hands, as @wonderingaimlessly mentioned, your thumbs just never sit right. You either cramp up the thumb trying to use the pad of your thumb as intended, or settle your thumbs on the stick down around the first knuckle. Or further, depending on how big your hands are.

        My hands arent massive, but they're bigger than normal, and its annoying for me - my thumbs ends up settling near the first knuckle on pretty much all controllers. There just isnt a comfortable way to hold a standard sized controller so its a nuisance.

          Thanks. That gives a bit more of a mental image of the issue. I guess its the opposite of the OG Xbox controller with the 'hamburger' size being too large for people with smaller hands to use. Not sure where my hands fit, size-wise, but the thumbs are comfortable for me, with fingers on the shoulders, and the grips sitting against my palms with the Dualshock 4.

          I absolutely hated the DS3 because of (what I thought at the time was) the stick placement. Ended up loving the DS4, and after looking more closely at how I held it, I learned I disliked the DS3 because its grips were simply too short, leading to my thumbs extending too far over the sticks (at rest, my first knuckles were sitting square on the sticks), resulting in hand cramps and joint pain. Meanwhile the DS4's grips are just barely long enough to be able to grip and have the sticks fit naturally square under the pads of my thumbs. Never had an issue with the Xbox controllers, except the S controllers, which I now realise is because all but the S controllers had really long grips, so it was easy to find a position on the grip that let your thumbs rest correctly on the sticks. The S controllers, however, had the same problem as the DS3.

          So my umbrage with stick placement was a complete red herring - the 360 S controller and the DS3 caused the same hand cramping issues, because they're simply too small for my hands.

      Yeah I have to admit that I was shocked they went this far in redesigning their controller and then didn't put the left thumbstick in the correct spot.

        There's a good picture overlaying the old controller design on top of this. It isn't radically different.

        The top view makes it appear really different but seeing it from the front in the resting position shows it’s not really that different at all.
        I suspect it’s going to feel a lot like the PS5 controller just with a slightly different look.

    This is what I thought of when I saw it.

    So my question is now, are they including the touch pad for backwards compatibility or are they going to do something useful with it other than make it an over-glorified button? I really wanted it to be usable like a mouse.

      That really depends on the game developers, most just choose to use it as an extra button even though it’s actually quite versatile.
      It was completely under-utilised on the PS4, I can only remember a single game that did something different in having different functions for the left and right of the pad.
      (Can’t remember what game specifically though)

        I'm wanting to say Bloodborne, but I am likely wrong. Infamous: Second Son did some fun things with it tho. I alternate between liking it and getting annoyed with it when using it with onscreen keyboards.

      Oh, Warframe did map each frames 4 unique powers to it, activated quite easily with a quick swipe.
      (Genuinely surprised more devs didn’t make use of that)

        I always assumed it was because other platforms didnt really have a comparable option, so it was ignored for development convenience. Wasted opportunity for sure, but if someone's developing for both Xbox and PS, its not going to be worth using. And thats on the developers, not Sony.

        If Warframe used it (never played Warframe on console, only PC), its the exception here, and props to them for doing so. The few times I've seen it used, that touch pad was always a good QoL improvement.

        Swiping to do gestures or activate abilities was about the only thing it was ever used for but even then I always found it was terrible at getting it right. It brought back the nightmares of motion inputs on the PS3 which were often just as bad. Luckily there was always a hard input method.

      As long as it still works as a touch-keyboard like the PS4 one does I'll be happy. Hate typing out anything on consoles normally but the Dualshock 4 touchpad actually makes it feel fairly smooth.

    It reminds me of the suits from Avengers Endgame...

    and Step One underwear.

    The usual Playstation controllers are what has prevented me getting a Playstation. Every time I tried using them they just didn't feel right. I much prefer the chunkier feel of the xbox controller so maybe theres a playstation in my future somewhere now!

    Am I the only one doesn't actually care how a controller looks? As long as it feels good in the hand, it could look like a slab of meat loaf as far as I'm concerned. Now the actual console itself, that's a different story. I'm hoping PlayStation serves up something a little more stylish than the mini fridge that is the next Xbox.

    This has me worried about the colour scheme of the console itself! I wonder how the reaction would have been if it wasn't two-toned.

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