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Join Kotaku Australia On Discord
Image: Daniel Goh
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Hey folks, this is Kotaku Australia with a very fun announcement. We’ve recently started up a Discord channel for you to share your love of all things gaming and pop culture — and we’d love for you to join us.

Our Discord is designed to connect our community and lend a place to relax, chat and game together. From the latest anime news to film, cosplay, comics and gaming, there’s spaces for everyone to enjoy. If you’ve seen something cool or you’re just looking for some friends, come on down.

You’ll find everything here you need to get started on your next gaming adventure, whether it’s hints, tips or tricks for playing, a mate to play with or another adventurer to join your party.

You can join us via this link.

Please make sure to mind the rules and help us create a welcoming space for everyone.

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