Just Cause 4 Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

Just Cause 4 Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store

The Just Cause franchise is ridiculous. Want to chase storms? Got it. Create your own rocket? Sure thing. How about discovering the Hammer of Thor? Absolutely. The latest title in the franchise, Just Cause 4 is now available for free as part of the weekly Epic Games library giveaways so if you’re looking for your next adventure, you might just find it here.

Just Cause 4 released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It follows Rico Rodriguez, a rogue agent tracking down the keys to his past on a wild trip through Solis — a wide open world filled with diverse environments like deserts and snowy mountains. The game features a bunch of stupid fun stunts, weaponry and tricks you can pull off like riding the wind and shooting lightning out of a gun.

If that doesn’t like a good, fun time, I don’t know what will.

The other free title on offer this week at the Epic Games Store is Wheels of Aurelia, a road trip game that takes players through the western coast of Italy as they discover the past of a mysterious woman named Leila.

Next week’s first free title has also been announced for the platform. Coming April 24 is For the King, a turn-based combat game based in a Dungeons & Dragons-style high fantasy world.

Just Cause 4 and Wheels of Aurelia are available to claim from the Epic Store today and will remain available until April 24. You don’t have to download the games to claim them — simply click the ‘get’ button and complete the checkout process.

Let the chaos reign!

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    • hopefully if there is a 5, it’s less of a 4 +1, and more like a combination of 2 + 3 (post-patch 3 had a lot going for it, but I always miss the dual wielding and ridiculous upgrading from the second game)

      and I will always lament there not being a crossover of design concepts from Mercenaries 2 to the Just Cause series – Avalanche could have done something spectacular if they tried to replicate some of Pandemic’s ideas

      • I really hope that when the inevitable 5 comes along, they got their asses handed to them with the feedback from 4 so hard, that they actually put effort into this one. Just Cause is a series with so much potential, like you said, mixing in some of Mercenaries ideas would be the perfect way to go.

        Man, I WISH there were a modern sequel to Mercenaries, we used to play the HELL out of that game!!!

        • I’d be so happy if the main Avalanche studio took over another iteration of JC – I mean even if it was just a rehash of JC2 with what they learned on Mad Max it could make the vehicle experience so much better!

          And Mercs 2 was sweet on a decent PC (I know reviews were fickle because there wasn’t enough QA for any versions, but a lot of the control issues from console disappeared completely using KB&mouse). When I think about what sort of stuff they did pull off though… the item delivery systems… really tactile differentiation between all the guns… the reputation system and vehicular disguises… the fun personalities of the playable characters…

    • And the ugly graphics made my eyes bleed, I’m not usually a graphics snob but I gave up on the game after I was looking for a specific type of bike to complete a challenge but the graphics were so muddy and indistinct I could barely make anything out on the ground. It was so bad in places I was taking screenshots and sending them to friends with the message “This is actually a game from 2018”. If the gameplay hadn’t also been such a step backwards I may have persisted.

      • I never understood the goddamn downgrade in graphics! They had a great engine going with 3, then somehow, somehow, it looked worse in 4? I honestly, at one point, thought my graphics card was artefacting, but it was the bullshit engine they used failing to render in graphics!

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