Lego Super Mario Sets Launch In August, Aren’t Cheap

Lego Super Mario Sets Launch In August, Aren’t Cheap
Gif: The Lego Group, Kotaku

Nintendo and Lego’s odd amalgam of traditional building set and interactive electronic game kick off on August 1 with the $89.99 Adventures with Mario Starter Course, along with the newly-announced $49.99 Piranha Plant Power Slide and $149.99 Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle expansions.

If you want to play with Lego’s weird-looking Mario, with his embedded LCD screens and integrated gyroscope and accelerometer, you’ll have to buy the Adventures with Mario Starter Kit. Now available for preorder, it’s the only kit that comes with Mario himself. The modular kit features all sorts of bricks and pipes to activate Mario’s interactive features.

Image Photo: The Lego Group

The Lego Super Mario expansion sets are also modular, giving players new ways to expand their starter kit. The Piranha Plant Power Slide, the less expensive of the two, is basically a see-saw Mario sits on, sliding back and forth between two Piranha Plants.

Image This is $49.99 worth of Lego Mario. (Photo: The Lego Group)

Much more impressive is the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle set. It doesn’t look like $149.99 worth of Lego, but it’s got all sorts of integrated sensors for interactive play, and I’m guessing that’s pricier than plain old plastic bricks.

Image Mario not included. (Photo: The Lego Group)

The whole line goes live in August, with pre-order available for the first set at the official Lego Super Mario website.


    • I agree that it’s not the Mario Lego I dreamed of, but I don’t really see how they could do Mario Lego, A Mario Minifig and a bunch of set pieces? Although I’d love a Lego Castle done in Bowser style, Open it up and you have a Mario side scrolling stage in it.

      They’d have been better making Mario Kart, Each Kart is a vehicle with a Minifig.

      • Mario minifig is an obvious choice and you could do a bunch of classic level inspired ones.

        Example would be the standard grass/starter world. You could either make a sort of long section of level, or rather have a tiered section with each step being a different section. One could have some goomba’s and a coin block, then have a pipe and a piranha plant, and finally a koopa up tow and the end level flag.

        Not necessarily something you play though, just a bunch of cool elements.

        Pretty easy to do a smaller one for snow, underwater and sand worlds, and have a bigger Bowser’s castle one. You could also chuck an exclusive minifig in each one, Toad, Peach, Luigi etc.

        But Nintendo Lego in general – they could do some amazing Zelda sets and Mario Kart as you suggested is a great one. One of sets for Pikmin, Samus and DK would be mint. See what sells and develop more of that game. Animal Crossing is literally made for Lego.

  • Wow. They look bloody awful… I get they’re trying to replicate the 2d styling of stages? But… maybe they shouldn’t have? This is the worst example of licensing pricepoint markup since Star Wars Lego.

  • I want to buy it for the novelty of the set, but LEGO prices are just way too high these day’s to justify a purchase. Mini figure sets with a small vehicle are $15 minimum, back in the day they were $5 each. Nowadays to get a decent build you’re paying $200+. It’s terrible.

    • Not sure how inflation factors into it.

      $12 Transformers are now $35, based on approx size to size comparison.

      But I do remember buying $5 packs of Lego minifigs (5/6) with tools and accessories. Now $6 gets you a single blind bag minifig.

      Star Wars Battle packs are 4 figs and a weird non-cannon vehicle for $25 ($15 is on sale).

      And yes my Hobbies are Space Lego, Transformers and Gaming be it Video or Tabletop.

    • To be fair, they have 8 sets. They’ve only revealed three so far.

      This is a Lego to games thing like they tried with Dimensions.

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