Millions Of People Just Watched A Crazy Travis Scott Show In Fortnite

Millions Of People Just Watched A Crazy Travis Scott Show In Fortnite

Rapper Travis Scott just made an appearance for the first of five shows he’ll be starring in for Fortnite, and if you’re a fan of either of those things—like the millions of people who tuned in to watch—it was one hell of a thing.

While only running for around ten minutes, and focused on the debut of a new single, the whole thing could have just been some players standing around watching a Travis Scott model on a stage rapping.

Instead, everyone watching got giants, space travel, underwater sections and a lot of lasers.

Media firm Lightshed put some quick numbers together on viewership, and found that over two million fans were just watching, without even being in the game themselves:

There’ll be four more concerts held in the game over the next few days.


  • I feel like those numbers are a bit misleading. You get stuff for watching it if I remember correctly so a lot of players will show up just for free stuff. I’d be interested to know if YouTube/Twitch/Mixer saw any traffic spikes around the event or if that’s just business as usual for a period with a lot of streamers on at once. I mean it’s a cool idea and I’m happy for them to keep doing it, and it shows there’s value in in-game events, but it’s hard to say who was there and why.
    I’d love to know what the sales figures on the Travis Scott store items were like.

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