Install Two-Step Verification On Your Nintendo Account Now

Install Two-Step Verification On Your Nintendo Account Now
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There have been some recent reports of unauthorised account access on Nintendo Switch consoles, with some users heading online to voice concerns about account security. While Nintendo has not confirmed an official security breach, multiple users claim their accounts have recently been accessed by unknown third parties.

As Eurogamer reported, this potential security issue was brought to widespread attention by Twitter user, pixelpar who noted their account was accessed 47 times by an unauthorised party despite having a “unique” password.

At the time, the user did not have two factor authentication turned on.

In a response to the tweet, another user identified a recent Nintendo of America post from April 10 encouraging users to enable two-step verification as a sign trouble may be brewing — although it’s important to note that companies often encourage the use of 2FA regardless of potential breaches.

Other Twitter users have reported similar security breaches, including an incident where hackers spent around $100 in Fortnite using a player’s linked PayPal account.

Another user also claimed their connected PayPal account being compromised and used to pay for Fortnite‘s V-Bucks.

It’s currently unknown if these issues are connected, but it’s important to take your security seriously. To check if your account has been accessed by third parties, you can view your sign-in history here.

The best way to protect yourself is to install two-step verification on your Nintendo Online account.

How to enabled two-step verification on Nintendo Online

  • Visit your Nintendo account
  • Log in and navigate to ‘Sign-in and Security Settings’
  • Verify your account via email
  • Download Google Authenticator on your smart phone
  • Follow the prompted steps to set up 2FA

Alternatively, you may choose to unlink your PayPal or credit card information from your account. While it does add an extra layer of inconvenience to your Nintendo purchases, it will keep your account safe.

Kotaku Australia has reached out to Nintendo to confirm these reports and we’ll update this post should we hear back.

Update 1:52PM 22/4: Nintendo provided the following comment to Kotaku Australia via email.

“We are aware of reports of unauthorized access to some Nintendo Accounts and we are investigating the situation. In the meantime, we recommend that users enable two-step verification for their Nintendo Account.”


  • I had it happen 3 times in 24 hours last week (unique password generated each time from an external password generator). Turned on 2FA, haven’t had it happen since. I didn’t look into other reports, but sounds like I wasn’t the only one.

  • “Download Google Authenticator on your smart phone”

    You have to download a Google product to enable 2FA for a Nintendo account?

  • Nothing’s happened to my Nintendo account and so I don’t need two-step verification to protect my account I’m already safe and so far no one has hacked into my account and I don’t need a PayPal account since I don’t use PayPal anymore.

    • Yeah man. I’ve never been hit by a car crossing the road, so I don’t even bother looking left or right anymore.


    Okay, I’m on it!


    Welp I guess I’ll just get hacked then.

        • If you don’t feel comfortable with Google Authenticator, perhaps try one of the alternative apps that implement the same OTP protocol? It’s worth turning on 2FA, so pick whatever lets you feel most comfortable.

          With that said, one reason to choose an app from a big company is that they have a lot to lose if the app is shown to be insecure or malicious. If you instead choose an app made by someone nobody has heard of, there isn’t much incentive against them mailing the key used to generate the codes to Russia.

    • Sounds like you have no understanding how a 2FA app works and instead resort to lunatic conspiracy theories.

  • I can’t get google authentication to even work for me. Keeps saying the generated code is wrong. For every code.

  • Wow so it wasn’t just me, they must have had a breach because after my account was hacked I changed it to a completely new password, which was again accessed a second time

  • If this turns out to be Nintendos fault I will be absolutely shocked. Their online component is usually so amazing and doesnt feel like its from 2005 at all.

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