Recycled Metal Reborn As Excellent Sculptures

Recycled Metal Reborn As Excellent Sculptures
Photo: <a href="">kreatworks</a>

This is the work of Kreatworks, a studio in Phatumthanee, Thailand that specialises in recycled metal art.

The members of the studio have over ten years experience making these steampunk and dieselpunk infused works. The sculptures can range in size from 50 cm to 270 cm, and each one is coated in a lacquer to protect them from rust.

Making them looks like an incredibly complex process. But the resulting sculptures are very cool.

Fittingly, they made this:

For more, check out Kreatworks’ Facebook page or Instagram account


  • There’s a Thai restaurant in Newtown trying to flog these off. You can get a 2.5m tall half tonne of trash shaped like optimus prime for the bargain basement price of $12K. Hard Pass.

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