Sea Of Thieves Now Has A Steam Page

Sea Of Thieves Now Has A Steam Page

Micorsoft’s multiplayer pirate life simulator, Sea of Thieves, looks like it’s finally heading to Valve’s platform after getting its own store page complete with the words “coming soon.”

The listing was spotted earlier this morning complete with system requirements, descriptive tags, and the option to wishlist the game. Unfortunately there’s no release date yet or any official announcement from Microsoft.

The company didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


  • Is it any good? I haven’t read too much about it, since there was no sign of when it would launch.

    • It’s sort of light on content, all the quests in game tend to be:
      Kill these skeletons here
      Find the X on the map to dig up a chest
      Solve a riddle to dig up a chest
      Kill a boss skeleton here
      Bring these boxes to these places

      There are larger story driven quests which can involve going into caves and solving puzzles.

      There’s also other things such as taking on skeleton ships, skeleton fortresses, plundering shipwrecks which are less quests and more looting. Not to mention the PvP side of things.

      But I fear I might have undersold it. If you have a few friends to play with, it’s a blast. It’s a great social game. Working together to steer the ship, adjusting the riggings for maximum speed, bucketing out water, repairing the ship, manning the cannons and sinking your foes, it’s a good time to be had. Sailing the high seas, getting a boatload of treasure and defending yourself a from would be pirates, desperately trying to sell it all as fast as possible before someone shows up, or maybe just trying to flee as fast as possible when a bigger ship shows up; there’s a lot of fun to be had in the game. Just don’t go in expecting too much, convince your friends (maximum of 4 to a crew) to get it too and I think you’ll have a great time.

    • Follow up: there is no progression. The only difference between you and Johnny 1000 hours is experience, and a load more cosmetics. There are levels to go up in each faction (the guys who give you quests) but for levelling up you get access to nicer cosmetics and more profitable missions.

      • Thanks, appreciate the rundown. Might pick it up when it comes out on Steam if I can convince my mates.

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