Selena Gomez Suing Game For $10 Million For Stealing Her Likeness

Selena Gomez Suing Game For $10 Million For Stealing Her Likeness
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Selena Gomez has filed a $US10 ($16) million lawsuit against the companies responsible for Clothes Forever – Styling Game, a phone game that will, by its own account, “allow you to live out all your fantasies and become the fashionista you were born to be!”

In reality, it’s a cheap dress-up game that, like most mobile titles, looks to gouge the player through the sale of “diamonds”, an in-game currency that costs everywhere from $US1 ($2) to $US99 ($157) a pop.

As Variety reports, Gomez is suing both Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology Co. and British company MutantBox Interactive Limited over the game, claiming that it uses her likeness—specifically, an image used for the cover of Flare magazine—without permission.

Her suit even throws some shit on the game, saying “Nor, if asked, would Gomez have consented to such use for the Game, which apparently relies on the unsavoury practice of luring its users to make in-game purchases in amounts as much as $US99 ($157).99 to fund imaginary spending in the Game and unlock features”.

It should be noted that Gomez is but one of the celebrities whose likeness has been lifted for the game, with others including Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.



  • While I’d normally laugh at celebrities trying to sue for use of likeness, I say good on her. That’s a pretty bold/lazy use of imagery for financial gain.

      • They’re a Chinese developer who probably pays their artists next to nothing, and who doesn’t particularly care about IP.

        They probably just threw them a pile of cover-shots from magazines and said “turn these into graphics for our game, we’ll pay you 50RMB per image”.

        I have a cousin who did some promo work for a Chinese gaming conference to earn some spare money while at Uni. They literally just threw her a pile of old World Of Warcraft promo material and had her knock out copies in exactly the same style for their game. She didn’t exactly get paid enough to do anything more than a quick clone job. It’s just how things are done.

    • Yeah, I’m in the same boat, i.e. what toes the line of homage/rip off/inspired by, but here it’s ridiculously obvious that they’ve just taken photos and used them.

    • I agree that it’s justified, but 10 million is downright stupid, as if her likeness has contributed in any way, even close, to that amount of revenue in the game.

  • I dunno… The image looks very different… The hand is on the wrong hip… And it has this cell-shaded look, where the other one looks fleshy…

    I feel like there’s enough of a difference to cover fair use

    • It’s not the first time something like this has happened and Celebs lost. But this is VERY close. Hell, it would not surprise me if this was one of those ‘auto draw’ things that just draws the photo like you see on Facebook, then fliped and made less photoy in Photo shop. Eather way, it will be interesting to see how this case goses.

  • they all sue the game company and then it comes to light that the game studio paid the photography company that actually owns the copyright to the images to use said images, but if not, the photography company’s should sue as well, adding a stylised filter is not transformative, this is 100% commercial use not commentary or news related its a game you pay for.

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