Star Fox, Team Fortress Voice Actor Rick May Has Died From Covid-19

Star Fox, Team Fortress Voice Actor Rick May Has Died From Covid-19
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Rick May, a veteran voice actor whose most notable credits in video games were playing Star Fox’s Peppy Hare and Team Fortress 2’s Soldier, has died at the age of 79 from Covid-19.

May, who also voiced Star Fox’s Andross and Genghis Khan in Age of Empires II, had been in a nursing home after suffering a stroke earlier in the year, where he contracted the virus. An arts school where he had been teaching announced the news, adding that he was then “moved to Swedish hospital where he received care before he passed on”.

In addition to those more well-known roles, May also appeared in games like SOCOM II and Sly 3.

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  • Between Peppy and Soldier I think he pretty solidly cemented himself in my childhood (so far as 19 is childhood…).

    RIP Rick May, what a legend.

  • Rick May as the voice of Peppy Hare from Star Fox really was a legend and we’ll still remember his voice as Peppy Hare saying: Do a barrel roll!
    Rest In Peace Rick May as we continue to handle the coronavirus crisis.

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