Steam’s Latest Game Festival Takes On E3 2020

Steam’s Latest Game Festival Takes On E3 2020
Image: Steam

Having trialled the event during The Game Awards last year, Steam’s virtual demo festival is back. But this time, the Summer Edition of the Steam Game Festival is launching the same day E3 2020 would have taken place.

The latest Steam Game Festival (running from June 9 to 14) will showcase developer talks alongside new looks at games releasing over the next year, with playable demos set to be offered.

While the Steam Game Festival is not a new event, it usually coincides with The Game Awards or Game Developers Conference. A recent Spring Edition of the Festival ran in March, showcasing over 40 demos originally destined for the Game Developers Conference.

Steam’s Summer Game Festival will fill the slot left by E3 — and it’s looking to be a very crowded slot indeed.

While the line-up for the event remains a mystery, it’s likely that the showcase will focus on indie games, similar to past Steam Game Festivals, and highlight developers that may have been disadvantaged by the cancellation of E3.

While no developers are currently announced for the Festival, Valve is encouraging eligible devs to sign up for a chance to be showcased, with submissions ending on April 24.

The Steam Game Festival runs from June 9-14 online.

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