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  • Urgh. Why is my university still on.

    Before anyone mentions it I do also understand that some professionals with children need some services (especially in medicine) but I think uni could be treated differently to other schools or at least offer a choice. A busy tram, train and CBD later I’m wondering if I made the right decision.

      • I went that one day on the Monday and then decided to stop after my teachers saying they shouldn’t be open. 4 days later they closed. I’m in Vic so closures all round now. Stay safe

        • 100% mate you too. I am stuck working as surveyors aren’t really interacting with the public, so in a way I am lucky and unlucky.

  • Ive lost a huge chunk of money on my trip to USA/Canada i was going to next month.
    Alot of stuff is non refundable. Insurance doesnt cover anything related to Corona.
    As someone who is on disability, it took me 8 years to save for this trip.
    The fact that every concert is going to be cancelled for 5 or so months in THIS country as well as all sports being shuttered.
    Its going to be a long, cold and lonely winter.

    • I know that feel. Mum and I are both pensioners (disability and carer) and we went on our first holiday in twenty years last year. It was an hour away from where we lived but it was something.

    • My mum is looking at losing a lot on her trip to Europe in a few months. She’s never had a proper holiday before so now I doubt she ever will. I assume insurance won’t cover any significant part of it.

      • Depends. For most insurance companies, if the policy was taken out before the virus situation really escalated (end of January or so), they will pay. After that, yeah, unfortunately, out of luck.

        Good luck, I hope your mum does eventually ger her trip.

        • According to Choice less than half of travel insurance products cover cancellation as a result of pandemic or epidemic, even if you bought them before the end of January.

          If she’s purchased from among the cheapest available insurances it’s highly likely that her insurance doesn’t cover cancellations due to the impact of COVID-19.

        • Thanks. Hopefully it’ll work out but I don’t have any faith in the insurance providers bailing her out. I mean at the end of the day it’s an industry built on the idea of providing minimal coverage only in the areas that sell policies and avoiding offering any coverage for unpredictable circumstances.

      • We were meant to be going to see my inlaws in Canada in June, it doesn’t look likely now, and yeah, we lose all of the money for the flights as they were not refundable, even though the airline isn’t running the flights.

        Not many industries can get away with not supplying the product you have paid for, or offer an alternative, and have you foot the bill, but it seems the airlines can. We booked back in early January and had insurance, but the insurance doesn’t cover it either.

  • Can we talk about Nioh 2? I’ve just spent the weekend playing it, and I am a huge fan of the first game.
    Nioh 2 is hard. I mean, fucking hard. I’m a Demon/Dark Souls/Bloodbourne veteran, and I’m totally down with difficult games. To me, games can be “good hard” and “bad hard”, and the soulbournes and Nioh are good hard.
    Nioh 2 is both. All the great stuff from Nioh is there, all the in-depth mechanics. But some of the new stuff is (so far) very mixed. In particular, the decision to have a B&W palette from the harder areas in the game is just killing me (PS4 version, tried both the “action” and “movie” graphics settings). Oh, I’m standing in fire? Didn’t notice, too busy being clobbered by a demon I can barely see. Nioh had a fairly “grubby” look to it that could make identifying enemies a challenge – in Nioh 2 these B&W zones are a bad joke. Add the stamina-draining effect while you’re in those obscured demon zones, and oh boy are you going to die.
    The suggested levels for all areas are just laughable (I’d double them at least) and a summoned player to help is pretty much constantly required. The NPC helpers don’t really cut it.
    And god help you if you haven’t played the first game. Nioh still stands up as a great title, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to play Nioh 2. In fact playing Nioh first should probably be mandatory.
    I’ll get there. I certainly stuck with it over the weekend. I just really hope they fix the visuals.

    • Agreed. For a while, I stopped having fun as the difficulty of some sections was so head-bangingly frustrating. And like you, I am experienced in these games. I find this even harder than Sekiro. I could at least find a tempo in that game.

      But, I seem to have passed some sort of threshold. In the bottom of the swampy, naga area, I was dying over and over again. And I died at least 20 times getting there. I quit the level, helped other peeps and some side missions and came back with more focus. Got to the level boss with only 2 deaths. It suddenly all clicked.

      But, I am still wary that it may be a slog. I think the first game had a better curve. And yes, the ‘demon realm’ bits are just frustrating.

      • You remind me that I should really give Sekiro a go. What weapons are you using in N2? I think it’s difficult regardless, but I’m just interested. I’m going spear (long distance poking and some AOE sweeps) and tonfa (for in-your-face damage, plus I loved it from the first game).

        • I went spear and katana to start with. The spear for the long distance high attack poking. It was effective in the first game and a good way to get a feel of the new one. The katana was okay but I was really struggling to kill quickly.

          I have swapped the katana for the scythe (or switchblade) and that has been a massive help to my game. In medium stance it is quick and flows really well. I find it easier for the big yokai walking about as well. I generally on use my spear now for revenants. I had to respec a bit to make it work but the 10k cost is nothing really. Has made the game a lot more enjoyable.

          • Good point about the sword-scale difficulty, I had forgotten that about last time.
            And I run a light armour build in all these kind of games … maybe it’s time for me to finally go with heavy armour!

    • Spent most of the weekend playing it, too, and am about halfway through the third region. Out of curiosity, where are you up to? What weapon/gear?

      In Nioh 1, I had a lot of trouble at times running dual swords and light armour – I got to WotW and immediately quit because literally everything one-shot me, no matter what I tried, and couldn’t get used to slower dodging, so couldn’t really swap for heavier armour. This time around, I’m accounting for that difficulty spike, and taking the exact opposite approach – Axe and Tonfa with (after heavy investment in Stamina) full heavy armour, all while maintaining <70% equip load, which keeps me at the second-fastest dodge. Also, using a slower weapon has taught me to rely on ki pulses, which I never really used in the first game. It feels like it’s been relatively easy after (iirc) the first boss in Region 2 (which took me 20 attempts) – have beaten every main bosses since in 1-3 attempts, and have been doing all the side-missions as they pop up with little issue.

      Re: the Dark Realms – there’s a cluster of early perks in the Yokai Shift skill tree (on the right) that will really help in there (and also on yokai bosses that create a dark realm). Standard advice aside (turn off HDR if you have it on, increase your game brightness, etc, etc), can’t really help with dealing with the B&W effect except take it slow, ki pulse to clear yokai puddles, and if you can, lure enemies out of the dark realm to deal with them. And as a general tip if you’re using burst counters, use a Brute spirit if you have one – it requires way less precise timing than the other two (I would actually say it requires no precise timing at all), then get the Yokai Shift skill that gives you ki back on a burst counter, and you’re set to punish those heavy hitting moves.

      Oh, and yea, the level indication is as meaningless as it was in the first game – use the 5-sword difficulty scale to judge missions (tho even then, that’s not really an indication of boss difficulty). By keeping my gear up to date, I’ve not had to touch anything above a 3-sword difficulty.

    • I consider myself a pretty average souls player, beating the games through persistence most of the time than anything else. I don’t think summons are really required at all – in fact I haven’t summoned so far and I’m in the third map at the moment.

      I did however pick up the switchglaive and my build has a dash of magic in it (the switchglaive stat) so that can help for elemental damage, and i wear as much armour as I can without it going into the yellow (under 70% I believe). The snake boss was pretty disgusting.

      I think you’re being a tad excessive with how difficult it is, especially if you’re clearing levels fully. Oh, and the yokai form you pick has massive differences depending. I’ve been using phantom since I like the shark guardian but the burst counter has a really small window, although it has no startup so you can be super reactive with it. The brute counter I think has the biggest window so might be worth a shot. TLDR/ Git gud for all of us I guess

  • I guess regional pricing is finally working in our favour when the dollar is tanking and folks are needing to isolate and there are solid deals to be had on some co-op games on Steam – maybe Kotaku should do a listicle of good options for getting the squad together when you need to maintain physical distance from each other (especially when smaller titles like Deep Rock Galactic have seen some decent content updates this year but the big news often focuses on PvP titles)

      • Good timing since both Humble Bundle and Steam so far are running sales focusing on a lot of multiplayer games.

    • I have tendonitis (or ligamentisis, can’t remember which) in all the tendons (or ligaments) in my right hand. I’ve had it for two weeks. Due to relying on my left hand, now my left is starting to get it. I can’t play video games because of it ;_;

      • That always sucks. Any alternative controller options like wheels for racing games or joysticks which won’t cause strain in the same spots as mice and gamepads? (shame solutions like Kinect didn’t get better long-term support in the gaming space)

        • pretty much no gamepads, no joysticks, driving aggravates it. I live on Nurofen. It will go away, but not soon enough!

        • Agree with the Kinect, the other stuff that came with it was good too QR codes and voice commands were a feature I used quite often.

          On that note I miss the snap feature as well snapping Netflix while I wait for a lobby too start or the ability too snap an arcade game.

  • So anyway I wake up this morning with a “mild fever” and then my anxiety kicks into overdrive so I start feeling super sick (and sweating is a symptom of anxiety as well). I call the doctor and they tell me that a fever on its own isn’t a symptom of covid, so I’m probably fine.

    But just to be sure I think I’ll avoid leaving the house at all today.

    • seems currently Australia is only testing if you have prolonged illness or known contact with Covid19 (be near an infected person or from an infected country)

      hence you waking up with a fever isn’t a cause to be alarm (yet). touch wood you don’t have Covid19 and I wish you a speedy recovery

      • Yeah I took some panadol and I feel a bit better now.

        My anxiety has calmed down too so that helps. It’s a warm day here today anyway so it can be hard to tell what’s fever and what’s just being hot and sweaty on a 28-degree day.

        • ah that good to hear. the weather does look nice but I’m stuck in the apartment for at least another 4 days

          only sunlight I’m going to get is from sitting next to the window lol

    • Anxiety is a dick in that it can simulate symptoms of other illnesses. I know I’ve had fever in relation to panic attacks several times.

      They only time you need to really worry is if you have a prolonged fever of over 38.5. I’m not sure how long is prolonged, but if panadol doesn’t help, get yourself to an ER.
      Another symptom is a dry cough. A chesty couch can be caused by flu, cold or even post-nasal drip due to hay fever.
      Sore throat and runny nose is also an issue for most people .

      Unless you have shortness of breath or the prolonged fever, you shouldn’t go to the ER. If you’ve had no contact with known carriers of Covid or been overseas then it’s highly likely your risk is low. Tell your anxiety to piss off, it knows nothing. (This works for me)

    • Have they said what’s going to happen to the Holden racing team? Are they going to be simply rebadged to another GM company like Chevrolet?

      • Not sure there’s been any official decision on what happens going forward but if there has, I expect it’ll be to simply call them Chevy’s. I saw a race a few weeks ago that was calling the Holden Maloo the Chevrolet Maloo. The commentator (an Aussie at that) absolutely butchered the name as well, it was cringeworthy to a racing fan.

        Right now, its the Red Bull team that seems to be the default factory team (officially they’re the Red Bull Holden Racing Team), so I expect they’ll still just be known as Red Bull. The actual HRT as we remember it (well, what it evolved into) disbanded a couple of years back, after the 2018 season I think.

  • Would anyone here happen to have recommendations for co-op PvE digital card games with standalone clients? My Arkham Horror LCG group isn’t able to get together physically but we’d still like to play something on Thursday nights. We looked at running Marvel Champions or Arkham Horror through Tabletop Simulator but it’s a lot to learn and set up for a pretty clumsy experience.

    Non-card game stuff similar to Imperial Assault/Descent/Mansions of Madness would also be welcome but I’m just not finding anything like that. Even something simple like Clank would be a good test of how viable it is. Maybe I just don’t know what to look for but it doesn’t seem like there’s really anything on Steam that scratches that social/tabletop itch.

  • In spectacular news. Former Ars Technica writer Peter Bright was finally found guilty soliciting minors online.

  • Blizzard is having a 100% bonus XP event until April 20th. No time like the present to return to Azeroth with some buddies and level up!!!!

    • No idea why they would do that. If you have all the time in the world why would you possibly want to skip half the content just to rush to endgame where xp is useless. If that’s your jam you are either leveling alts or you may as well just buy a level boost.

      • Yeah from what I can gather it is in wake of the whole Covoid19 thing, so people who are stuck in isolation have something to do with their “extra” time aka level alts.
        Been great for me cause I started levelling an allied race monk and healing dungeon ques has got me to lvl 90 pretty swiftly.
        PS I am not one to purchase boosted characters, seems like a silly way to go (unless you already know how to play the class). But it has been pretty cruisey and enjoying the older dungeons for now.

  • Bought myself a LG C9 65″ for the upcoming apocalypse for $2800 after seeing our dollar tank and the initial pricing of this years TV’s come out.

    Some musings on such

    * LG’s UI sucks. Can I just have Android TV on everything please?
    * Don’t eyeball TV’s in store. The ‘small’ looking 65″ at the store barely fit into the gap I have for a TV in my loungeroom
    * The above meant I couldn’t put my tower\bookshelf speakers next to the TV. Thought I was okay with the TV audio, I was not, and not buying a soundbar until they support HDMI 2.1. Solution? Laid speakers flat on the shelf underneath the TV. Got myself a ghetto soundbar! Doesn’t sound as bad as I thought it would as well.

      • Pretty excellent. Full VRR support as well up to 4k/120hz (not that I have anything that supports that to feed it)

        The only thing I can say picture wise to fault it is its not too great at upscaling lower res content to 4k.

        • Sounds good and the refresh rate makes it good for a while to come. Yeah the best upscaling I’ve seen so far is probably the new NVIDIA shields. But I’ve only seen that in online vid reviews. Might be a great alternative to webos as well.

          • Yeah I already use a Shield. Webos as a UI is absolutely terrible sadly. I was hoping for a Sony OLED option with HDMI 2.1+features so I didn’t have to, but that dollar tanking hurt.

          • Yeah, I could never imagine using Webos on a phone then a tv. The Aussie dollar atm is reminding me of the old days where it actually was so much of difference it actually makes adjustments on purchasing decisions.

  • Kotaku, there’s a Coral coloured Switch coming out, I need this, where’s the best place to pre-order it? RRP is $329 so far

  • Well I just realised that Toei has finally launched its international tokusatsu channel…

    Time to take that deep dive to 60s to 80s tokusatsu and robot anime! And remind myself how much of an old fart i am!

    • holy crap… so it’s called Winspector… lol childhood memories right there

      thanks for notice haha

  • Rick May, voice actor of TF2’s Soldier, Starfox 64’s Peppy and so many other things has passed away due to COVID-19.

  • Hey all, got something you might enjoy.

    We’ve got a Discord channel going; come hang out with me and the rest of the team, ask us questions on stories, bug us about games we’re playing/you’re playing, or provide instant, direct feedback about how much we all love auto-playing video.

    Come join!

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