Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Another week in isolation has come and gone — and if you’re feeling less sane, you’re not alone. If you need to talk, you’re welcome to settle in, have a chat and get to know your fellow Kotaku readers.

Here at Talk Amongst Yourselves, you can discuss anything you like. Played any new games recently? Need help getting through a challenge? Whatever you need, you’ll find a friend here.

This week, we also have some cool news — Kotaku Australia has recently created a Discord server where you can share your love for games, comics and all things pop culture.

Everyone is welcome, so feel free to invite your friends along for the ride.

In the mean time, get chatting — you never know what you might discover.


      • Pile Of Shame as in pile of games I’ve bought and have been sitting there unplayed, shamefully.

        So, yes. What you said, kind of. 🙂

        Also glaring at me balefully are Alien Isolation, AC: Origins, AC: Odyssey, The Last Guardian, MGS V The Phantom Pain among others…

          • I try to alternate a big open world game with a shorter linear game – the Uncharteds have been good for those interludes. My planned replay of The Last of Us can wait until TLOU2 gets a confirmed new date but I understand that Alien Isolation is around 15 hours so that’ll be a good one after Witcher III.

            Thanks for the nod at MGS.

    • It’s a big time commitment, you may have picked the perfect time to start! The bugs are ironed out and inventory management fuckery largely fixed. Enjoy the (wild) ride.

        • Did you install the Wolf School pack before or after you started the game?
          It has a very high chance to bug out in an active save but can be completed on New Game +
          It’s not a big deal but it was something I unfortunately ran across when I finally completed it recently.

          • Game of the Year edition on PS4. I put the disc in and some time later started playing… so it seems the Wolf School hunt was installed before I commenced.

            I’ve had two crashes in the last couple of weeks, both times when fast travelling.

  • My 16 month old switch has developed very bad drift, I took it back to EB Games and they said the warranty is only 12 months and wouldn’t do anything about it. They told me to ring Nintendo, I call them and they say they are closed because of COVID-19.
    The switch is playable, I thought Australian consumer law gave more than 12 months warranty? Anyone know what my options are?

    • Under the ACL, the question is: what is a reasonable expected life time of a product like the Switch’s controllers under normal use? I think you’re right that people would expect the controllers to last for years without malfunctioning, so you’ve got a good case.

      One possible counter argument you might get is that your usage wasn’t “normal”, and you somehow hastened the malfunction. Given how many reports there are of this problem though, you’ve got a good argument that it is Nintendo at fault though.

      • As in buy a new joystick module and replace it?

        The usage isn’t normal to be honest, it hardly got used for 6 months of the year, that is what is frustrating, so it’s usage would be way below a general gamer. The joy cons look perfect cosmetically as well. I’ll try the ACL line on EBGames and see what they say.

  • I’m trying to decide if I should by the Affinity software suite from the Windows app store or from Affinity’s website. Has anyone else taken the plunge after taking advantage of the three-month free trial? If so, which way did you go?

    • I’ve bought their photoshop replacement. For the amateur stuff I do, its pretty good, especially for a perpetual license.

  • Wowee the new Popular in Japan (or whatever it’s called) PS4 sale is quite something. Picked up FFVIII Remaster, Nonary Games, Steins;Gate Zero, Valkyria Chronicles 4. That’s going to keep me busy for a while…

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