Here’s Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Anime In Australia This Year

Here’s Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Anime In Australia This Year
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Every few months, Crunchyroll releases figures on the most popular anime across their streaming platform. They don’t have figures on what’s happened immediately in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but they do have figures from the start of the year through to March. And, unsurprisingly, Australians and New Zealanders love the classics.

The list features the top 10 anime watched on Crunchyroll in Australia and New Zealand from January to March, although the top 10 itself is ranked by alphabetical order. I asked Crunchyroll what the reasoning was here, and they explained they couldn’t provide exact figures or a precise #1 to #10 listing due to agreements with licensors.

Still, it’s good to get a sense of what the most popular anime in the region are. And most of what’s popular in Australia is what’s popular elsewhere, with major names like My Hero Academia, JoJo’s, Boruto, Black Clover, One Piece and Hunter x Hunter all making the list.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba didn’t make the top 10 here, despite being hugely popular in other regions, while Haikyu!! was popular in Australia, Brazil, the UK and Moldova.

Crunchyroll isn’t the only streaming service in Australia, of course, with the Madman-run Animelab offering strong competition. It’d be interesting to see the correlation in figures between the two platforms, particularly since Animelab focuses on securing English dubs for a lot of the major titles, like My Hero Academia and Black Clover.

I’ve reached out to Crunchyroll for a breakdown of the most popular anime in Australia and New Zealand over the last month, to see if any newer titles have gained favour recently, or if other titles have gotten more popular as people have spent more time at home. Should the company get back to me with those figures, I’ll let everyone know.


  • And, unsurprisingly, Australians and New Zealanders love the classics.Oh cool. Good to know people still love Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Sailor Moon, Astro Boy… wait, what even are these anime on the list?


    Granted those aren’t on Crunchyroll because they’re on AnimeLab. It’d be interesting to see if AnimeLab has the *true* classics in the top ten.

      • Depends on what decade you’re born in, I guess. Trigun and Cowboy Beebop are both ‘after my time’, although if given a choice between Trigun and either Evangelion or .hack/SIGN, I’d take the latter two.

        • Actually all 3 you mentioned were out around the same time ie. Late 90s which ppl consider animes second rise in the west… so i would place those in classic bucket territory nowadays…

          The naughties anime is pretty much where i draw my line

          • My favourite is still Neon Genesis/GiTS SAC, but obviously there’s a ton of anime before that time. But Naruto/One Piece/Bleach are always going to be in the top because of how popular they’ve been over the last 20 years, and very few anime have reached the popularity of those three for so long. It’s pretty fair to call them classics.

          • But are those three really long lasting and popular or more of a product of being part of the current generation and how much more saturated fandoms can get with social media and all that jazz?

            I mean Sailormoon, Trigun, Bebop and heck I will throw in Inital D and Kenshin was massive during their runs and then a fair amount after until the next generation of anime came out. One can argue Bleach and Naruto are huge mostly because they were insanely long on going series (like DBZ and One Piece)… heck Ranma and Inu Yasha were also big during their really long extended runs.

          • Gotta throw Ghost in the Shell too if we’re in the Bebop era, but Initial D is definitely one of those that’s on a tier unto itself. Gundam if you go further back, or just as a franchise spanning however many decades, but this is a chat we could have for hours and hours.

            (FMA is another great shout too)

          • Speaking of Initial D…. I am still waiting for the day somebody finally licenses Stage 5 and Final Stage. Funimation has actually put up ALL the episodes on their youtube channel but they only licensed up to Stage 4!

            Yes I am aware of *ahem*alternate*ahem* streaming options… but those options are so ad infested I cant view them on the go on my mob/tablet!

          • You call them “current generation” but Naruto is a 17 years old series. One Piece is 21. The whole generation of Millennials, now adult people, grew up watching this stuff. Additionally, I’d argue that those series can go the long run because they are popular, rather than becoming popular because they’re long.

            I’m not exactly disagreeing with you, I also prefer the 80’s and 90’s anime, generally speaking, just saying that for some people these series are, for all they know, “classics”.

          • IMHO series length is a combination of popularity, studio and also the manga ka themselves (I mean Jojo has basically gone on for so long its a standard reference or template in and out if its own shounen genre). The author really needs to be invested enough in the series to keep it going for so long. And those long running series tend to stand out a lot more compared to other series because very few studios tend to go full dive in continuing a series even if the original light novel or manga is ongoing due to well…budgets. Its a chicken and egg thing… you need money to make a series look good to hook viewers but you cant get enough money if youre starting out.

            And to be fair JUMP which is where all of these series come from have a tendency to publish reaaaaaaaaallllly long series.

          • My ‘classics’ era would be Record of Lodoss War, Ranma 1/2, Bubblegum Crisis with a childhood of Starblazers, Battle for the Planets and the vehicle Voltron series we had before the lions ones aired.

            NGE, Trigun and .hack was me comparing apples to apples since, as you said, they were out around the same time.

          • I shall one up you slightly showing how much of an old fart I am by listing the “classics” from my childhood ie. Combattler V and Voltes V, Daimos, Kimba, Dog of Flanders and course Astrob/Tetsuwan Atom 😀

          • I bow to you. It was the colour series of Astroboy during my childhood, and I had exposure through my grandparents to Captain Future and Captain Harlock, but to be truthful they were before my time too!

            One of my uncles had a Mazinger toy which was cool, since the spaceship in the head could be taken out and the hands would fire projectiles.

          • Not bad. How about Shiton Doubutsuki Risu no Banner, Gekko Kamen, Minashigo Hatchi, Kōsoku Denjin Arubegasu or Jetter Mars? 🙂

          • Haha unfortunately no either too old or wasnt aired where I was back in the good olde days…

            Though fun fact Gekko Kamen started life as a live action B&W Tokusatsu series which reaaaallly popularised the genre which led to Kamen Rider and then Super Sentai which we all know as Power Rangers!

          • Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 was my jam. I used to rent the DVDs from my local video rental shop and kept on bugging them to get the next volume in…

      • Well I can forgive One Piece i can place in there as it is a reaaallly old long running series.. it did start in the latter half of the 90’s which i consider the 2nd anime renaissance when eva, sailormoon and the like were out..

        Bleach and Naruto? Yeah right… damned millenials! *shakes fist*

      • I grew up with those three. They are classics to me.

        There are no “true” classics.

        What someone defines as a classic is different for everyone.

  • The only one in that list I watched was Demon Slayer…. although I’d like to see AnimeLab’s list since I watch much more on AL than CR.

  • I’m only subbed for AnimeLab, and I mainly have been watching the Nasuverse anime on it. But, after Anime Expo I’ve started binging MHA, which has easily made its way into my top shows. I’ve also introduced my sister to Steins;Gate with it, so we’re watching that now, and I’m planning on either Kara no Kyoukai or Fate/Unlimited Blade Works TV next.

    • You’re for a treat with those Ufotable productions, especially Kara no Kyoukai. Hope your sister is not too young? That’s one very messed up story.

      • She’s 38 this year, and introduced me to Carnivale. So hopefully it won’t be too messed up for her! Steins;Gate was a success! Alas, AnimeLab is actually missing episode 25 of the first series, and the movie. However since I had the series on Blu-Ray as well, I got to share the epilogue.

        Which is weird, since the version of the first Steins;Gate series they have actually includes the ‘next episode’ on episode 24 showing scenes from the episode they’re missing.

        • Uh… now you made me wonder whether I saw the epilogue at all! I think I first watched it in AL a while ago, I’ll have to check.

          • Its a fun episode, but not integral to the greater plot. It offers some closure, but not as much as the film does.

            I really don’t like their ‘limited’ movies thing they have. Part of the reason I started watching MHA was going to the Madman convention earlier in the year where they were hyping up the movie, so I thought I’d watch the series then the movie.

            Cut to several weeks later, and the movie is no longer on the platform by the time I caught up to where it fits in. And now they’ve got another ’72 hours only!’ movie for another series.

          • Unlike S;G’s movie which is 100% canonical and important, MHA’s movies are the classic shounen series’ movies that are more like an extended extra episode and add nothing important to the plot of the series. You’ll be fine just watching the TV episodes. And yes, the series is a good investment of your time. I think it’s taking great steps to modernize the whole genre of shounen.

  • I hurt my right wrist so I have been watching a lot of anime. this season I am watching listeners, the 8th son, are you kidding me?, President, it’s time for battle!, Digimon 2020, Bungo and Alchemist and Ascendance of a bookworm. I have also been rewatching Azumanga Daioh and Konosuba as well as recently finishing Overlord, Hanako-kun, Oda cinnamon Nobunaga, The saga of tanya the evil, Gegege no Kitaro, Iseaki quartet.
    I’m also reading Demon slayer, dr. Stone, Slime and now The devil is a part timer.

    I’m such a weeb ._.

    • Im of the picky weeb phase nowadays… the only recent stuff ive enjoyed was Overlord, One Punch, Slime, Bofuri…. and the recent Bakarina anime =P

        • Lol…believe me you will never run out of anime =P

          You just eventually get to a point of saturation where you prefer the equivalent of finely aged wine… or cheap liquer equivalent of anime once you’ve been a weeb long enough xD

          • I was looking into Bofuri. Might watch that tonight.
            @gorzilla likes trash, so I often know what to avoid

          • I really like Bofuri. Mostly because it’s so wholesome. It does eventually tip over into ‘ludicrously OP character can’t ever lose’ territory at some point, but it remains cute.

          • I watched the whole thing. i don’t mind that she’s OP, because she’s not aiming to be OP at all, it just kinda happens

    • Since you seem to also be reading manga, I must recommend, as I always do, Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer (Hoshi no Samidare), my absolute number 1 manga not yet made into an anime.

        • It’s a homage to classic shounen manga that turns things on its head a bit while still keeping close to the spirit of the genre.

          A villainous wizard of some sort has created a massive planet-sized weapon in the shape of a mallet to smash the Earth with. The force of good opposing the villain chooses a girl who is dying from a rare disease as their “princess” avatar and makes of a number of random guys her “knights” with magical powers and animal familiars to fight he wizard and their minions.

          Our protagonist is one of those chosen knights, a youth who, having been a victim of domestic abuse through much of his childhood, has become disaffected and cynical, and really, couldn’t give less of a crap about magical adventures and saving the world. Because he’s that way, the girl chosen as the princess confides to him that since she knows that once their mission is over, she’d go back to be a sickly and dying girl, she is indeed planning to stop the villain, but right after and before losing her powers, she’ll destroy the Earth with her own two hands and have everybody die along with her. (She’s the “lucifer” of the title.) Now, that’s the sort of plan that our protagonist can get behind of and so, the story begins.

  • Don’t get much time for anime anymore, but I am interested in getting into JoJo. I’m always surprised to see Black Clover on these lists, actually reading the reviews the response seems average, yet it’s so damn popular.

  • Really looking forward to the final arc of bleach being released in Anime form. The manga form wasn’t as good as the authors previous archs but I’m hoping the anime can breathe some life into it.

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