The Original Old Republic Trailer In 8K Is Just Holy Shit

The Original Old Republic Trailer In 8K Is Just Holy Shit

The original Old Republic trailer still stands up today, but hot damn is it something else with a fresh coat of 8K paint.

You’ll need to have enabled hardware acceleration in your browser for a smoother experience, and I get the best result with Firefox when trying to play this back. Even if you have to buffer the video, it’s absolutely worth it given how good the upscaling on this has been.

Remember, the original Old Republic trailer dropped almost a full decade ago. It was from an age where even pre-rendered cinematics like this didn’t have a great deal of sharpness in textures, facial animations, debris, or any of the detail you expect from a trailer today. It’s just generally a much softer image, but the Upscale YouTube channel has managed to bring it all out thanks to a bit of neural network magic.

If you want a direct comparison of the original trailer against the 8K version, you’ll want to skip to 6:01. The real money shot is at 7:38, however, as you get a nice shot of the Sith up close, which shows just how much detail has been added by the AI:

You really see the difference in the eyes, although the Sith’s clothing underneath – just to the bottom left of his neck – is a huge difference too. In the original trailer, it just looks like a flat texture, whereas the upscale makes it look like a piece of actual material.

The channel is the same one that brought the Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 2 trailers to live in astonishing detail. If you need something to help you close out the work day, go grab a drink and enjoy these below.

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  • Pause it at 6:49. Everything looks a lot crisper – but the dude’s face has lost so much texture detail, you’d think the improved one was on the right!

    It’s super impressive what AI can do though. Everything else looks spot on.

  • That one trailer was better than the entire sequel trilogy… search your feelings, you know this to be true.

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