This Week In Games: Final Fantasy 7 For Everyone Else

This Week In Games: Final Fantasy 7 For Everyone Else
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Australians have had access to Final Fantasy 7 Remake for a while now, but anyone who bought digitally – and large chunks of the rest of the world – will finally get to play this week.

It’s not the only game out this week, of course. AFL Evolution 2 gets a retail release this week – although I’ve heard some gamers were getting that one early, too – and the spiritual successor to Myst finally makes its way to consoles. Convoy looks like a neat roguelike as well.

But otherwise, it’s all about the Cloud. Here’s this week in games.

this week in games final fantasy 7 remake Image: Obduction / Cyan

  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake | PS4
  • Obduction | Xbox
  • Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories | PC, Switch
  • Galaxy of Pen & Paper +1 Edition | Xbox, Switch
  • Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike | Xbox, Switch
  • Ubongo | Switch
  • Fight Animals | Switch
  • Tharsis | Switch
  • RMX Real Motorcross | Switch
  • Rush Rover | Switch
  • Depixtion | Switch
  • Beholder 2 | Xbox
  • BlockQuest Maker | Xbox
  • Retro Tanks | Xbox
  • Braveland Trilogy | Xbox
  • The Last Turret | PC
  • Smartphone Tycoon Lite | PC
  • Agents: Biohunters | PC
  • Pattern | PC
  • Grim Valor | Switch
  • Blind Blade 2 | PC
  • Virtual Battlegrounds | PCVR
  • Xenovaders | PC

Let’s get onto the trailers! It’ll be a short list this week, for obvious reasons. I won’t be using the final trailer for FF7R that’s dropped recently, because that is hideously rife with spoilers. Seriously, don’t watch it.

PSA: Don't Watch The Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

Early Saturday morning, the publisher Square Enix put out a new trailer for its upcoming video game Final Fantasy VII Remake. We here at Kotaku would like to offer some friendly words of advice: Don’t watch it.

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See anything you like?


  • I really wish somehow I’d avoided that final trailer. I’m 15 hours in and am concerned it’s all near-end game content.

  • FF7 Remake is SO GOOD. Only weird thing has been the 1-2 times I got stuck on a sidequest and went to look it up I found nothing because no one else is talking about it yet.

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