This Week In Games: Final Fantasy 7 For Everyone Else

this week in games final fantasy 7 remake

Australians have had access to Final Fantasy 7 Remake for a while now, but anyone who bought digitally - and large chunks of the rest of the world - will finally get to play this week.

It's not the only game out this week, of course. AFL Evolution 2 gets a retail release this week - although I've heard some gamers were getting that one early, too - and the spiritual successor to Myst finally makes its way to consoles. Convoy looks like a neat roguelike as well.

But otherwise, it's all about the Cloud. Here's this week in games.

this week in games final fantasy 7 remakeImage: Obduction / Cyan

  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake | PS4
  • Obduction | Xbox
  • Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories | PC, Switch
  • Galaxy of Pen & Paper +1 Edition | Xbox, Switch
  • Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike | Xbox, Switch
  • Ubongo | Switch
  • Fight Animals | Switch
  • Tharsis | Switch
  • RMX Real Motorcross | Switch
  • Rush Rover | Switch
  • Depixtion | Switch
  • Beholder 2 | Xbox
  • BlockQuest Maker | Xbox
  • Retro Tanks | Xbox
  • Braveland Trilogy | Xbox
  • The Last Turret | PC
  • Smartphone Tycoon Lite | PC
  • Agents: Biohunters | PC
  • Pattern | PC
  • Grim Valor | Switch
  • Blind Blade 2 | PC
  • Virtual Battlegrounds | PCVR
  • Xenovaders | PC

Let's get onto the trailers! It'll be a short list this week, for obvious reasons. I won't be using the final trailer for FF7R that's dropped recently, because that is hideously rife with spoilers. Seriously, don't watch it.

PSA: Don't Watch The Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

Early Saturday morning, the publisher Square Enix put out a new trailer for its upcoming video game Final Fantasy VII Remake. We here at Kotaku would like to offer some friendly words of advice: Don’t watch it.

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See anything you like?


    I really wish somehow I’d avoided that final trailer. I’m 15 hours in and am concerned it’s all near-end game content.

      I didn't watch it because I was already playing the game at that point.

      I haven't watched the trailer, but I'm 30 hours in and not near the end yet. :)

        Oh yeah. Without giving anything away, what I’ve seen in the trailer wasn’t in the original and looks like it could be near the end of it. Enjoy!

    FF7 Remake is SO GOOD. Only weird thing has been the 1-2 times I got stuck on a sidequest and went to look it up I found nothing because no one else is talking about it yet.

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