Time For A Kinda Busted Australian Sports Game!

Time For A Kinda Busted Australian Sports Game!

While we expect a certain level of polish and technical excellence from big, expensive games like FIFA and NBA 2K, let’s not forget that they’re not the only ways you can play a sports game on a modern console. There are other games, from places like Australia.

Example: courtesy of Vooks, here’s some footage of AFL Evolution 2, an Australian Rules game that was supposed to come out next month (on multiple consoles) but which has dropped early on the Switch eShop.

Now, you might look at this video below and laugh your arse off at how janky and 2006 it looks. And that’s fine, it is in comparison to the international big guns a cheap, nasty-looking game.

But given the game’s limited market, and the cost involved in modern game development, it’s a wonder stuff like this gets made for fans of local sports like this at all.

So shout out to weird local sports games like this, and those Lacrosse games, and cricket games, and everything else that has to share the same market space as huge EA Sports games but is delivering niche stuff to a (relatively, cricket is still pretty big!) niche market. The hustle is appreciated.

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    • It is a method of inflating the view count of the videos. This is important when you’re negotiating with advertisers about how much money pre-roll ads on the videos are worth.

    • Only the switch version runs and looks this bad. The Xbox/PS4 versions have less than a quarter of those load times, and look a lot better (while still not great)

  • This commentary is absolutely hilarious..
    “low spearing kick” “and he takes the mark on top of the pack”
    “west coast should be happy with their lead huddo” *up 2-0 at quarter time*

  • This bad design is from Tru Blu Games AFL Evolution 2 and while AFL matches are due to resume in July and since we can’t attend sports stadiums like the MCG until 2021.
    TY the Tasmanian Tiger the 2002 Aussie 3D platformer originally on Nintendo Gamecube and originally published by EA now published and developed by Krome Studios now on Nintendo Switch doesn’t have bad loading times in fact it doesn’t take long for the game to load up while I’m exploring the Australian Outback.
    What are you waiting for people? Download TY the Tasmanian Tiger right now and start exploring the Australian Outback.
    What’s stopping you? I may not have explored the Australian Outback while I was still in secondary school but now I am exploring the Australian Outback right at home while I’m in self-isolation at home waiting for life to return to normal when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

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