Tom And Isabelle Dance It Out In Animal Crossing Fan Videos

Tom And Isabelle Dance It Out In Animal Crossing Fan Videos
Screenshot: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have been making clips of the game’s two stars getting their groove on at work, set to all sorts of music. It’s become my new favourite playlist for chilling out during these stressful days.

Run by three Animal Crossing fans, the Twitter account TomAndIsabelleDanceTo takes short clips of island administrators Tom Nook and Isabelle, who you can sometimes catch working out in the game’s Resident Services building. The account dubs music with matching beats over these impromptu calisthenics sessions and edits them down until they look like mini dance parties.

One of its first posts to go viral synced Tom and Isabelle up to Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control”:

Here’s Billie Eilish’s nu-goth pop single “Bad Guy”:

Sometimes Tom and Isabelle’s dancing is slowed down to match a downtempo track, or speeds up to catch a beat drop. Other clips sport visual after-effects to channel the aesthetics of their source material, like a mashup to hit Macintosh Plus vaporwave track “Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing.”

Each clip is only ever Tom and Isabelle casually swinging their arms, yet here I sit transfixed, ready to watch them for hours as the chorus to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” fills New Horizons’ Resident Services building.

Every day when I log onto Animal Crossing Isabelle tells me about the late night show she watched the night before, or the crossword she’s chipping away as she sits at her tanker desk surrounded by assorted office supplies and tea kettles. It’s nice to see her finally having some fun. Dance parties won’t make work go away, but they can make the office feel a little less like a prison. After being stuck inside for the greater part of a month, that’s definitely something I need more of in my life.

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