Valorant’s Already Got Its Own Rocket Jump

Valorant’s Already Got Its Own Rocket Jump
GIF: Twitch (xQc)

Australians can’t get into the Valorant beta just yet, but we’ll have a whole bunch of tricks at our disposal when we do. The first to know: you can practically rocket jump over or around corners.

The trick was used by former Overwatch pro and full-time streamer xQc, playing as character Raze. After being faced with an enemy stuck in a corner and a ground covered by Sage’s slowing that slows players down and creates massive noise, xQc decided to take the aerial route.

Using Raze’s breach charges, the Canadian streamer launched over the top of Sage’s crystal effect. With the enemy hiding around the corner, xQc used a second breach charge to vault above their line of sight, resulting in a great end-of-round moment.

The closed beta for Valorant launched today in Europe and the United States, with Russia and Turkey excluded at the last moment due to complications with the coronavirus. There’s no ETA for when Australians can get into the closed beta yet on local servers, although it might be some time: Riot announced part of the challenge was delays in building and configuring physical data centres, as opposed to using existing servers from providers like Microsoft or Amazon.

As for Valorant right now, it’s already hugely popular. The game is having a few server issues – the chat service is down right now – but as of 6:00am AEST this morning, 1.7 million people were watching the game through Twitch alone, not to mention the views for streamers through YouTube, Mixer, Facbeook or elsewhere.

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