Valorant Making Anti-Cheat Changes After Player Outcry

Valorant Making Anti-Cheat Changes After Player Outcry
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Riot’s new shooter Valorant pissed a lot of people off recently with what was perceived as a heavy-handed approach to cheat protection. A new update to the game will make some of that easier for players to manage.

In a Reddit post that leads with “While we normally don’t plan on documenting changes to Vanguard”, indicating just how much this blew up amongst the game’s community, Riot have announced some changes to the Vanguard anti-cheat system that the company defended only a fortnight ago.

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The biggest change addresses player’s biggest concern, that Vanguard was always running in the background on your system, regardless of whether you were playing Valorant or not. Players will now be able to disable Vanguard at any time, on the proviso that you can’t play the game without it, and that if you uninstall it the program (which is now easier to do thanks to a new system tray icon) it will be reinstalled the second you fire up the game.

There’s also an explanation as to why in some instances Vanguard isn’t playing nice with software that’s already installed on your PC, while stressing “Most players will never run into such a scenario”.

These changes have been implemented “as of today”.


  • “Turning off Vanguard puts your machine in an untrusted mode” is some really bad phrasing. “Turning off Vanguard means that Valorant will no longer trust your PC and therefore won’t run” would be better. The only thing that can put the entire PC into an untrusted mode is the TPM.

  • They must think their game is quite important to require users to install a kernel driver to play it. If user space code is buggy, it might cause the game to crash. Buggy kernel mode code can cause the entire system to crash. And it needs to run correctly at all times because it is running at all times: not just when the game is running.

  • Always amazed at the heavy handed approach to some game installers and clients. There is zero reason for Steam to be ‘always on’ other than so Valve can shill stuff to you 24/7.

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