A Staggering 15 Studios Worked On Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

A Staggering 15 Studios Worked On Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Every now and again in this job, I get asked by someone – usually someone with little knowledge about gaming or the industry itself – about how big video games are. So to those people, here’s a nice analogy.

Ubisoft Montreal, the studio responsible for taking the lead on Assassin’s Creed‘s Viking turn, announced early Thursday morning that an astonishing 15 studios had worked on the first next-gen Assassin’s Creed title. The Canadian-based studio didn’t confirm which studios precisely worked on the project – we’ll find out more about that soon – but for reference, 15 studios is about a third of all the studios sitting under Ubisoft’s umbrella.

7 studios worked on Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, an Assassin’s Creed large enough that most of us were still working through the content a year later. In terms of raw numbers, Ubisoft revealed that just under 1,000 staff were working on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, with around 200 to 300 working on the art alone. Red Dead Redemption 2, for another comparison, was co-developed by all of Rockstar’s 9 studios.

Just thinking about the organisation required to keep all those studios on track is mind-boggling. As for the actual game, we won’t see more gameplay or footage until tomorrow. You can re-watch the 8 hours of Aussie artist Kode “BossLogic” Abdo putting together a poster teaser on YouTube until then, although there’s some interesting tidbits if you look closely. At around 11 minutes, BossLogic opens up File Explorer to grab a whole series of reference images, including some from a folder called “Cambodia”, potentially indicating one of the inspirations for the game. There’s also a folder of reference images for castles, which includes a shot of the Notre Dame, Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts, an abandoned fort in New York City, and Kwidzyn Castle in Poland:

assassins creed valhalla reveal

The whole video is also just cool to watch if you want to see how that poster art incorporates so many different elements seamlessly.

The official Valhalla reveal will be livestreamed at 1:00 AM AEST tomorrow, if you want to stay awake for it. The official premiere can be found below.



    • Best setting would of been Feudal Japan. Samuri, ninjas, wokou (pirates) etc.

      I think it may be the Worse Setting Ever… after both God of War and the Marvel Movies, any story about Norse gods may just be done to death at this point without breathing space.

  • 210 hours in Odyssey so far and I’ve just started the DLC. Origins was great, and still isn’t finished at around 99 hours, but the improvements to combat in Odyssey makes it difficult to go back to the older titles, IMO. Plus, it’s sooo pretty! Very excited for Valhalla.

    • The DLC is almost as meaty, I’ve just spent many, many hours on the first Fate of Atlantis episode, now onto the second. The Legacy of the First Blade DLC isn’t bad apart from some dodgy forced character arc choices and the fact it’s set on the same map and has you doing more of the same things, but FoA is really good.

      • I played the game late, and installed all the DLC up front. That made some of the additions from the DLC less apparent because they were available right from the start, such as new skills and items.

        • I didn’t buy the season pass until I after I finished the main campaign, but I did wonder about that. Felt the vanishing bodies skill may have been a bit overpowered to have from the get go.

    • I feel weird saying this but odyssey is one of my favourite games from this generation. So so beautiful. 170 hours including dlc so I’m not as hard core as you haha.

  • Odyssey was to the new ‘reboot’ of the series what AC2 was to AC1. Let’s hope this ISN’T to Odyssey what AC3 was to 2…

    The setting is magnificent imho. I always look forward to teaching the Vikings to Grade 8’s every year. We talk about Lindisfarne, the sacking of Paris, the invasion of Normandy, a whole range of things. I just can’t wait to use this as a visual resource like I do with Origins for Year 7’s (Ancient Egypt) and Odyssey for Grade 9’s (Ancient Greece). Seriously, they’re fantastic for visual virtual ‘tours’ 😀

          • Nah to be fair, when I look at comments I made even 7 years back I cringe. I deal with kids who are finding things like gender identity now and Ive seen first hand how it can build or destroy someone not knowing their place. Ten years back I would’ve been ignorant, these days I know far better. Being a teacher, if anything, has helped me become way more compassionate.

          • Thanks man. 🙂 I have another coming next week for them. I’ll put it up when I finish it. It helps the kids to see positive stuff and keeps a positive mindset for us teachers as well 🙂

    • yeah, I stopped after unity. it just didn’t capture me anymore. Odyssey was a breathe of air. Not sure it’s still an assassins franchise anymore (the title mostly legacy) but, the re-invigorated universe inside has been amazing.

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