A Very Important Question: Is Knack Naked?

A Very Important Question: Is Knack Naked?
Image: Sony

Stop whatever you are doing and help the internet answer this question about Knack.

ResetEra user Lant_War posted the question “Is Knack naked?” earlier today and asked others to vote yes or no. As of this writing nearly 200 folks have voted and the vast majority (94%) believe that Knack, the loveable star of the PS4 launch game Knack, is in fact naked.

Or, as user mnz suggested, “Knacked.

While I agree that Knack is probably nude, you could make the argument that all the red spikes on his body are some form of clothing. Or at the very least is some kind of hair that is hiding some of his features. Can you be naked and covered in hair? Is Cousin Itt naked? Or do you define naked as being simply without clothing?


ResetEra user BevelledEdge also asks a very important follow-up question: Can robots even be naked? Maybe flesh-covered androids, like in the Blade Runner franchise, but can Knack ever TRULY be naked?

Please, don’t think about this too much. He is clearly naked. Right?

Or maybe…


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